10 Websites to Make Money Online Publishing Sponsored Posts

One of the ways by which bloggers make good revenue from their blog is by publishing sponsored posts. This discussion is a review of the 10 Websites to Make Money Online Publishing Sponsored Posts.

10 Websites to Make Money Online Publishing Sponsored Posts

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10 Websites to Make Money Online Publishing Sponsored Posts

If you are a blogger who has been receiving traffic to your blog, one of the few opportunities you can make use of is publishing sponsored contents on your blog. You can apply to the following websites and submit your blog to get approval for publishing sponsored contents right on your blog while making your money.

Certain companies are looking for backlinks from blogs to get more exposure. This company makes use of what is known as “Sponsored Posts or articles”. They allow you to help them post these contents and pay you back for a fee.

Most of such companies find it hard to look out for blogs themselves. What they do is to join websites whose major job is to connect such companies with a blogger who has relevant content on their blog.

However, you should have enough information about the type of post submitted as a sponsored post so as not to violate Google’s term and condition, and won’t lead to your website being removed from search engine results.

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10 Best Sponsored Posts Publishers


LinkWorth lets you display text link ads for advertisers and webmasters who are willing to boost link popularity. It pays between $20 – $200 per post. You are required to submit your blog for their program and if your blog finally gets approved, you will be accepted to their network.


Blogitive allows you get paid for posting stories that interest you on your blog. You choose what to post while you earn your income. It makes payment weekly via PayPal.


PayPerPost allows you to earn as much as $500 or more in a month. It allows bloggers to write articles and reviews of their sponsors and advertisers on your blog.


With Blogsvertise, you can make money from advertising and generate ad income right from your blog.


SponsoredReviews offers a service that connects various advertisers with bloggers allowing them to write paid posts about services and products of such advertisers. Bloggers charges advertisers based on their rate but SponsoredReviews charge a 35% transaction fee from such deal.


Teliad is a well-known SEO company which pays bloggers for backlinks. Payments are made monthly. A user of Teliad reported having made nearly $1k on the platform.


PostJoint allows content marketers and publishers to make deals according to their own terms just like SponsoredReviews. Content marketers are allowed to connect with publishers to distribute their contents while publishers can easily make money from their blogs.


Smorty is a well-known community site helping bloggers make good revenue. It is the true definition of a network truly devoted to blog advertising. A blogger can earn between $10 – $100 per post published on their blog. It all depends on your website popularity.

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A blogger can make up to $250 simply by writing new posts on their blog.

Digital Journal

A digital media news network with thousands of Digital Journalists in 200 countries around the world.

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10 Websites to Make Money Online Publishing Sponsored Posts

These are the 10 Websites to Make Money Online Publishing Sponsored Posts. I sincerely hope that you will be able to make more money with your blogs from the websites with this guide. In case you have any question on this topic, feel free to use the comment feature.

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