How to Create Instagram Reels; TikTok-Like Videos

Is TikTok blocked in your country? Would you like to share your creativity through short video clips? Here, you will be learning how to create Instagram Reels videos.

How to Create Instagram Reels; TikTok-Like Videos

Instagram Reels is the latest feature recently added to the Instagram app following the ban of TikTok and other Chinese apps in India.  The feature allows you to create short videos to showcase your talent and entertain other people, just like TikTok.

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Instagram Reels is considered as the present biggest threat to the TikTok app, following the fact that the competition is initiated by one of the biggest tech firms in the world, Facebook. The Reels feature has been reportedly rolled out in some parts of India with some millions of users and will soon spread across other major countries very soon.

If you would like to try out how Reels works, follow the steps below.

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How to Create Instagram Reels

You can easily create Instagram Reels following simple guidelines if the feature is available for you.

Steps to Add Video Reels

How to Create Instagram Reels; TikTok-Like Videos

  1. Launch Instagram on your smartphone and Tap the camera logo from the topmost left.
  2. Choose Reels from the bottom where you have the Live, Story, and Reels option. Then, you can start your Reels journey on Instagram.
  3. Prior to starting a recording, try adding a few effects from the option on the left. To do this, tap the smiley button and swipe right on the big white circle. All available effects will be displayed for you to choose from.
  4. Further, start to record Instagram Reels by tapping the big white circle on your screen.
  5. You can control the video recording speed using the right arrow option. Video speed can be reduced up to 0.3x or speed up to 3x.
  6. Also, you can set a three-second timer before recording your clip. Just tap the timer icon from the left and set the duration for your clip within 0.1 – 15 seconds, then tap Set Timer.
  7. You can also add music to your Reels by selecting the music icon from the left. You can add any part of your favourite song and lyrics will start showing on the screen if available. Besides, you can also add music prior to recording a video as opposed to the regular way.
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Those are the steps required to create Instagram Reels videos. However, know that the maximum length a video recording can take is 15 seconds instead of 30 seconds option on TikTok.

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You can tell me what you think about Reels when you give it a try. Lastly, remember to share this with friends.

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