How to Borrow Credit on Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

Did you just get your electrical energy exhausted without any backup plan? Here, we shall be discussing how to how to borrow credit on a prepaid meter in Nigeria.

How to Borrow Credit on Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

Often times, energy consumers get their allocation fast consumed that they lose track of their credit balance until it gets exhausted. If this happens to you again, there’s no reason for you to sleep in the dark anymore when you can borrow credit during such an emergency.

The service was started to cater to energy consumer's needs during emergency cases. It gives a 5 units allocation to a particular prepaid meter. It works in a similar way to the borrow me service from Nigeria mobile telecoms that allow customers to borrow credit or data or both using USSD code, and pay the bills later.

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However, unlike the telecom’s Borrow Me service where eligibility depends on how frequent and the amount you normally recharge, the amount of credit that can be borrowed is the same for all customers. Besides, you can only use the service once until you purchase some energy credit again.

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The 5 credits borrowed are normally deducted from the number of units to be allocated on next purchase.

How to Borrow Credit on Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

To borrow energy credit in Nigeria, you are required to dial #414# from your mobile device and follow the prompt.

If the process is successfully done, you will be given 5 credit units which can be used till next time you buy more credits.

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  • The service works for only prepaid customers in Nigeria and not postpaid.
  • It is a one-time service, meaning that you can only redeem it once after every recharge.
  • The 5 units borrowed will be removed from the next purchase.
  • You can later purchase your energy at any electricity distribution company branch close to you or simply buy online.

The last time I tried using this USSD code, I noticed that the service is temporarily not available. Hopefully, it will be restored soon.

That is all on how to how to borrow credit on a prepaid meter in Nigeria. If you have found this post helpful, kindly leave your comments below and remember to share the post with friends and loved ones.

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