Download TextNow Premium MOD APK and Get Free US Number

TextNow is the ideal app to get US and Canada phone numbers for free which can be used to make unlimited calls and receive SMS. The numbers can also be used for online verification to verify various online accounts. Here, you can download TextNow Premium MOD APK and get free US number.

Download TextNow Premium MOD APK and Get Free US Number

TextNow premium is about 89 MB in size and supports different languages. It was developed by TextNow Inc and runs effectively on Android 5.0 and above and it offers a free lifetime license. It offers free calls to other TextNow users in the United States, Canada and other countries.

The app can be used to verify different accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and even PayPal for non-supported countries. The MOD version is free to use and does not contain ads.

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App Features

  • Free Caller ID
  • Make and receive free voice calls
  • Get free access to emojis, stickers and Gifs
  • Customizable backgrounds
  • Supports Call Forwarding
  • Supports Google SmartLock
  • Protect your messages with a password
  • Easily add your own signature to each text
  • Easily send, receive and save pictures through MMS
  • Allows customization of alert tones and supports vibration
  • Use personalized ringtones and background for different contacts
  • Use home screen widget for easy access. Helps to quickly send a text or place a call
  • Access your profile on PC from
  • All contacts and messages and synchronized across your devices

Free Download Link for TextNow Premium MOD APK to Get Free US Number

You can download the free version from Google Play and MOD APK for free here.

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