How to Tell if an App is a Malware

So, you are about installing this app on your smartphone but aren’t sure if it is containing a virus or not? Here, we have provided tips to help you tell if an app is a malware.

How to Tell if an App is a Malware

First, there are lots of apps on the internet and there is an unwritten fact that there are more than twice apps that contain malware than the ones free from them.

To take care of this issue, app stores like Google Play and App Store (Apple Store) allow developers to add their apps so people can easily install them on their Android and iOS device. However, there are guidelines and necessary conditions such an app must meet before they can be added. One of these is a clear statement of the app policy which states what and how the information of its users is collected and used. Also, several reports on violations by an app would only lead to its removal, just like when UC Browser was removed from Google Play and then later readded.

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One can say that apps installed from verified app stores are safe to use, but this statement is not necessarily true at all times. There is no provision for “Privacy Police” on either store to keep developers in check and ensure they do not digress from the purpose they are meant to serve. An app is only investigated after several reports must have been made about it. This is why it is important to help you tell easily if an app is a malware.

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How to tell if an App is a Malware

To be sure you are not installing malware on your device, here are some few things you should find out the app.

Know What it Does and Why You Need it

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself why you need this app. After going through its functions, it is safe to really ask yourself if you need this app or not. This will help you save enough space on your device and prevent you from installing a malware.

Check the app’s product page

Check the product page and look out for inconsistencies. Ensure you check for misspellings, use of bad/wrong grammars and the available screenshots. However, this should give you enough clue to know if it’s worth having the app.

Check App Store reviews

It would really do you good if you can use what others feel about an app guide you. Try check if the app has any reviews at all. If an app has none or has many five-star rated reviews, be concerned. Also, check what others who used the app have said about it.

You might even choose to run a web search to see if there is any review of the app somewhere else.

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Check for App’s Permissions

Always take note of permissions requested by the app before you install them. You can easily tell using this simple idea if there’s something fishy. For example, when an app meant to delete your contacts in bulk is requesting for access to camera and microphone, you don’t need an expert to tell you what game the developer is playing with you. Ensure you take note of these little things.

Only Download Recommended Apps

Lastly, a good way to escape spammy apps is by only downloading the recommended apps only. Ensure someone somewhere has said something about it before you consider it appropriate. This could be a review from a professional through an online review on your favourite tech website.

I hope you found these tips to help you tell if an app is a malware handy at all times.

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