How to Check RAM Usage on Smartphones

In this post, you will be learning how to check RAM usage on smartphones.

How to Check RAM Usage on Smartphones

If a device RAM is performing slower, you can either move some installed apps to SD card or add more SD Swap RAM. But, before you proceed with either, you need to be sure the slow performance is purely caused by the low RAM. Hence, the need to check RAM usage on smartphones.

Also, sometimes you need to have an idea of your RAM use currently as a guide to help you decide better on the ideal RAM size for your next phone.

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How to Check RAM Usage on Smartphones

RAM usage on Android and iOS defers. While usage is high in the former, the latter tend to use less of the juice.

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To check RAM usage on Android and iOS, follow the guidelines:

Android OS Based Phones

  1. Grab your device and go to Settings.
  2. Next, tap Device Care or Device Maintenance.
  3. Tap Memory and you will see the RAM size of your phone and how much is in use by apps and services running.
  4. Some phone models do not allow you to access the options disclosed above unless you enable Developer Options. To do that, go to Settings >> About. Now find and tap the Build Number seven times and enter your PIN (if required).

Apple iOS Devices

  1. On your home screen, tap Settings >> General.
  2. Now, tap iPhone Storage. You will see the available and used memory. Besides, you can find a breakdown of how apps are using your RAM.
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