How to Remove Ads and Spam Notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 12

In this post, you will be learning how to remove ads and spam notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 12 devices.

How to Remove Ads and Spam Notifications on Xiaomi

Xiaomi MIUI 12 users would be able to give their smartphone a great cleaning by following this guide. However, be sure to re-check the version of MIUI before you proceed. Mind you, you can also remove bloatware apps in Xiaomi MIUI 12 without root.

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How to Remove Ads and Spam Notifications on Xiaomi MIUI 12

Disable MSA process

Before you disable ads, you need to block ads appearing in stock ROM. This is why you should disable the MSA process.

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To do this:

  1. Go to Settings >> Passwords & security >> Authorisation & revocation.and disable MSA.
  2. Also, navigate downwards and disable GetApps too.
  3. You'll see a warning prompting you to be careful. When it disappears, tab Revoke.
  4. Now, go back to Password & security >> Privacy and tap Ad services.
  5. Disable Personalized ad recommendations to turn off collecting data for relevant ads.

Disable ads from Downloads app

  1. Open the Downloads app and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Choose Settings and disable the toggle for Show recommended content.

Disable ads from the File Manager app

  1. Open File Manager app and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Choose About >> disable Recommendations.

Disable ads from the Music app

  1. Launch the Music app and tap the hamburger menu >> Service and settings
  2. Choose Advanced settings >> Receive recommendations.
  3. Now disable Online recommendations on startup and Song recommendations.
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Disable ads from the Security app

  • Open the Security app and tap on the Settings button >> Receive recommendations.

Disable ads from Themes app

  1. Open Themes app and select My page >> Settings.
  2. Now, disable the toggle for Recommendations.

Disable Promoted apps

  1. To disable promoted apps, open Tools and More Apps folder and long-press on the folder name to rename it.
  2. Now, turn the toggle off for Promoted apps.

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