How to Unlock Your Mifi to Work with All SIMs

Sometimes, we got stuck with the default network made with our Mifi due to the fact that it was made to work with that SIM network alone. Therefore, to give you a heads-up you need to use Mifi, I will be teaching you how to unlock your Mifi to work with all SIMs including Swift/Smile Mifi.

How to Unlock Your Mifi to Work with Any Sim Card

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Unlock Your Swift/Smile Mifi to Work with Any Sim Card

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Unlocking Your Mifi to Work with All SIMs


Unlocking Your Mifi to Work with Any Sim Card
  • Huawei MiFi modem
  • Download DC unlocked Huawei Modem/router unlock code calculator for free and generate the first code for free.
  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet to generate the code.
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How to Unlock Your Mifi to Work with All Sims including Swift/Smile Mifi

How to Unlock Your Mifi
How to Unlock Your Mifi
  1. Power off your Huawei MiFi modem.
  2. Note down the IMEI Number of your modem.
  3. Insert any network SIM and turn on your MiFi modem.
  4. Connect with the modem to your PC or phone. In case you are prompted to log in, use admin as username and password.
  5. Type into your browser. This will indicate an invalid or locked SIM with a pop-up to enter the unlock code
  6. Enter the unlock code generated with your IMEI from the unlocked code calculator.
  7. Proceed to advance settings, then to sim seeing and further to unlock the device.
  8. Now enter the unlock code and apply.
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29 thoughts on “How to Unlock Your Mifi to Work with All SIMs”

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  2. Please help me I want to unlock the swift 4G nomad m091 mifi I have tried the method but I’m not seeing where I will input the code generated

    • If you have followed the steps accordingly and you can’t still find it, it is very likely that it won’t work for your model.

    • Although, the approach here is a universal method. I must be sincere I haven’t tried it yet with that Mifi model. But you can give it a try.

  3. I have a zte mf927u mifi.
    How do I unlock it.
    It only says “this network is locked” and doesn’t show any unlock options nor does it show anywhere to enter an unlock code

  4. I also have mifi model mo28t now it requires ph net pin,so how can I unlock the mifi using my phone cause I don’t have a laptop

    • Hi Temitope,

      I must be honest I haven’t tried it with this model. You might want to give it a try and tell us if it works for you.


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