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5 Best Free Password Manager Software for 2020



Do you know that keeping yourself protected in the online world requires you have a strong and hard to crack a password? In this post, I will be discussing the 5 best free password manager software you will be needing to keep you protected online this 2020.

5 Best Free Password Manager Software for 2020

If you are searching for some best free password manager apps and software to keep yourself protected this 2020, then you have landed on the right page.

Before I start talking about the best free Password manager software, let us talk about what a password manager is and why you need one. If you are looking for how to get the best antivirus software for your PC this 2020, check our detailed article on the 5 best free antivirus software for 2020.

What is a Password Manager and why do you need it?

A password manager or say password keeper is a software application that is used to store and manage the passwords that a user has for various online accounts and security features. Password managers store the passwords in an encrypted format and provide secure access to all the password information with the help of a master password.

What I am trying to say is that password managers are applications that serve as the solution for maintaining a large number of passwords and account information. They store the login information of the various accounts and automatically enter then into the forms. This helps in the prevention of hacker attacks like keystroke logging and it prevents the need to remember multiple passwords.

Why do you need a password manager?

Everybody knows that keeping a strong and hard to crack password is very crucial to protect yourself online. But the worst part of it is that one has to take enough pain to remember such strong passwords.

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The reason for this is that there are a lot of important apps and web services for which we need to set passwords. I personally have the issue of not recalling what my password is, and sometimes I even have to go to the extreme by writing them down in the book.

Social media accounts, internet banking accounts, online shopping, etc. requires passwords to access them and trying to remember all these passwords might cause unnecessary headaches. This is where the importance of password manager lies.

Types of Passwords Managers

There are majorly three types of password managers:

Web browser-based – the one that stores data on cloud servers, Desktop – the one that installs on your system and stores data locally, and the specially designed hardware that stores passwords.

Many passwords managers offer cross-platform support these days, so we access their data locally as well as over the internet.

Now that we know what a password manager is and why we need it, let’s now take a look at the 5 best free password manager software for 2020.

Best Free Password Manager Apps for 2020

1. KeePass

KeePass is open-source software and a well-known Windows desktop password manager but it is also available for macOS and Linux users.

This app stores the usernames and passwords of the user’s in an encrypted file. It supports the import and export of credentials in the form of XML, CSV, HTML, etc. files.

Although compared with other best free password managers in this list, KeePass features as I will be highlighting later is slightly limited. But it supports common password manager features such as two factors authentication, autofill, etc.

I have included KeePass in this list of the best free password manager for 2020, not because of its limited features but because it is absolutely free. You can download it here


  • No installation required
  • Plugins to extend functionalities
  • Combination of key file and master password
  • Choice of creating password groups

2. Sticky Password

Another password manager that comes up on the list of 5 best free password manager software for 2020 is Sticky Password. Users across different OS such as Windows, Mac, iOS can access this app. It is also available for Android users. In addition, it provides support for all popular web browsers.

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Its features include form filling, password management, autofill, support for biometrics such as fingerprints, etc. If you wish to bid for the paid version of this app, you need to know that it has extra features such as cloud backup, cross-device sync, priority support, etc.

I have included Sticky Password in this list because of a special feature that its creators promote with great enthusiasm. This feature is that the password manager app can sync data across Wi-Fi locally, in case, some user doesn’t want to do it over the cloud.


  • Support for 16 browsers
  • Excellent password generator tool
  • Encrypted vault for storing credit card numbers to enable one-click payments
  • Sharing of passwords securely

You can download the Sticky Password manager here.

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3. Enpass Password Manager

Enpass password manager also makes part of the list of 5 best free password manager software for 2020. This is because its free version has features which include fingerprint support, family support, cloud backup, password generator, web form autofill, data import, AES-256-bit encryption, etc.

Enpass password manager supports a number of platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, etc.

Before we look at the special features of this password manager, you need to know that Enpass Password manager is absolutely free if you are using Windows, Linux or macOS, but it is limited to storing a maximum of 20 passwords for Android devices.


  • Time-based one-time passwords
  • Passwords are not stored on Enpass servers
  • Segregation of password vaults for storing personal, work and family passwords
  • Use of SQLCipher  256-bit AES encryption engine

You can download the Enpass Password manager here

4. TrueKey

If you have not heard about the famous TrueKey password manager for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, then you should read this section of this article.

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TrueKey is a great password manager not only because it supports web browsers which include Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge but because of its simplicity and various sign-in methods including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello, two-step verification, etc.

TrueKey is somewhat different from the way it functions compared to other passwords manager in the sense that you can get away without having a master password as is common for other password managers. You can use one of your devices for authentication.

TrueKey free password manager comes with a password generator and a digital wallet to store personal information. All your login credentials are encrypted and stored locally but synced devices on which the password manager is used. Note that TrueKey’s free version allows you to save a maximum of 15 passwords which makes some users feel uneasy. But nevertheless, you can still give it a try.


  • Multiple authentication options
  • Feature to import passwords from other password manager apps.

To download TrueKey password manager, click here

5. LastPass

The last name in the list of the 5 best free password manager software for 2020 is the well-known top-rated password manager for Windows, LastPass. This app offers cross-platform support while storing password details on its cloud servers.

One of the interesting features of LastPass is that the app can import data from other web browsers installed on your computer. If you are switching from another password manager, LastPass also imports data from the previous password manager.

LastPass has extensions that are available for various web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, etc. I have included LastPass in this list because it has proved its worth in the digital world for almost a decade.


  • Automatic password capture
  • Auto form-filling
  • Secure notes for storing bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc.
  • Two-factor authentication

To explore the features of LastPass, click here to download.

Thanks for your time reading this article on the 5 Best Free Password Manager Software for 2020, we hope to see you some other time.


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