5 Best Web Browsers of All Time

Our discussion in this article shall be focused on the best 5 web browsers of all time.

5 Best Web Browsers of 2020

Web browsers are the doorway to the world of information popularly regarded as the World Wide Web. Surfing the web is one thing, having the best experience while visiting the websites of your choice is another. This sole reason has prompted me to write on the Our discussion in this article shall be focused on the best 5 web browsers anyone can find around.

Firstly, I would like to briefly discuss what web browsers are and what they do.

What are Web Browsers?

Web browsers are software purposely designed to locate, access and display web pages. Sometimes, Web browsers are simply called “Internet Browsers” or “Browsers”.

Web contents that are written in the popular Hyper-Text Markup language (HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML) and other supported web languages can be readily displayed by web browsers.

Therefore, users of the World Wide Web have been given leverage opportunities through the use of web browsers. Consequently, all you need to get a webpage displayed on your device using the web browser is to type the URL of the website in the address bar section of the web browser usually located at the top of most browsers.

Now, let us quickly discuss the uses of a web browser.

What is the use of a Web Browser?

Other than surfing the web, web browsers can also perform the following functions.

  1. Internet browsers are used to access information from private servers.
  2. They can be used to play media files (both audio and video) stored on your device
  3. Browsers can be used to access social network website accounts (Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  4. Some Web browsers come with beautiful features such as extensions, download managers, password managers, torrent downloaders, and much more.

In addition, other than browsing speed, there is more to look out for in a browser before it can be made a choice. There are many qualities a good web browser should have.

Keeping that in mind, let’s get to business and take a look at the 5 best web browsers. By the end of this discussion, you should be able to make a good choice of browser.


Best Web Browsers of All Time

Google Chrome 

best web browsers of 2020 Google Chrome

Google Chrome – Google’s own web browser was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, which is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google to improve browsing speed among other beautiful features. However, Chrome gained popularity due to its speed.

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Consequently, Google Chrome now has many competitors. According to a report from StatCounter in 2019, it was estimated that Chrome has a 62% worldwide browser market share across all platforms.

Certainly, Chrome has many features which makes it one of the best browsers around. Some of the features will be mentioned below.

Features of Google Chrome

  • Bookmarks and settings synchronization
  • Password Management
  • malware blocking and ad blocking
  • Access to plugins
  • Profile Management enables two users to use the same browser without getting their internet history, download history, and other things that merged.
  • Cross-device support: Once a user is signed-in to his Google account, Chrome can easily sync internet history, bookmarks, passwords, tabs, etc. across all the devices he operates.
  • Incognito mode
  • Use of extensions, themes, etc.

Above all, it is no doubt that Google Chrome makes a better option for browsing the web.

You can also make quick use of this chance to learn how Google help to keep passwords safe and secure.

Platforms Supported

Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS

Mozilla Firefox

best web browsers of 2020 Firefox

Firefox Browser is designed and owned by Mozilla in an effort to keep the web open and accessible to everyone all around the globe.

Mozilla Firefox is a challenging alternative to the Google Chrome Browser.

Features of Mozilla Firefox

  • The latest release of Mozilla Firefox was accompanied by a series of cool features such as enhanced tab management and a new task manager page.
  • Mozilla Firefox uses a feature called Tracking Protection to prevent requests from tracking domains, thereby, loading the web pages considerably fast while in a private window.
  • It also includes features like blocking in-browser crypto-mining and complete disabling of tracking.

Platforms Supported

Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS

Opera Browser

best web browsers of 2020 Opera Browser

Opera Browser is one of the oldest browsers around which is still currently active and relevant. One sure beautiful thing about this browser is that it is still currently receiving active development which makes it more relevant than most of the browsers of the ancient days.

Opera Mini is often considered as an alternative to Mozilla Firefox because of the vast improvement, updates and fixes it keep getting from its programmers.

Features of Opera Browser

  • VPN service
  • In-built ad-blocker
  • Screenshot tool
  • Battery saver
  • Data compression mode
  • Opera Turbo feature, etc.

Opera Mini also supports cross-device sync to make the browsing histories and bookmarks available on all devices when you’re logged to your Opera account.

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Platforms Supported

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Basic Phones

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

After Microsoft’s Internet Explorer lost its values and credit, a new web browser was developed by Microsoft which is Microsoft Edge. The new invention has made Microsoft more relevant in the league of best web browsers around.

Microsoft Edge has a lot of features too. Let’s quickly take a look at some of the amazing features of Edge.

Features of Microsoft Edge

  • Built-in Notes extension allows users to add notes, highlight or write something, snipe and save the web page on the device.
  • It allows users to share a web page directly over mail or social apps like Facebook, Twitter
  • Can add webpages to Cortana reminders.
  • Edge comes with reading mode, which allows you to read articles without intrusion on websites that has a lot of ads.
  • Microsoft Edge has extensions and they are made available in Microsoft Store for any user that needs them.

Platforms Supported

Windows 10, Xbox One, Android, iOS

Chromium Browser


Chromium Browser is an open-source Chrome alternative. Switching to Chromium Browser is very easy especially Google Chrome users.

Chromium web browser borrowed its source code from Chrome and thus, making it easy to switch between the two browsers. It doesn’t really feel different when you are using Chromium because, by display and features, it looks exactly the same way, like Chrome. Although, both browsers are different in their own ways.

Features of Chromium Browser

  • Supports automatic updates
  • Has proprietary audio-video codecs, although, it doesn’t come with the player component.

Platforms Supported

Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, BSD.



Finally, we have come to the end of this article on the 5 best web browsers of all time.  I believe with this guide; you should be able to get yourself a good web browser.

Kindly give your feedback, and as well, don’t forget to share it with friends!

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