5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don’t Know

The 5 cool WhatsApp tricks to be discussed here are not new to many per se. However, there are still lots of people that are still unaware and need to be enlightened.

5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don't Know

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5 Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Don't Know

5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don't Know

Hide Blue Ticks

5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don't Know

If you don't want people to know you have read their messages, then this feature is right for you. You need to hide the blue ticks so that a message sender will think you didn't read their message.

How to Hide Blue Ticks

  1. Open WhatsApp then go to Settings.
  2. Next, tap on Account, then Privacy.
  3. Finally, uncheck Read receipt and you are done.

Bold and Italicize Texts

Bold and Italicize Texts

This feature lets you sent WhatsApp texts in bold and italics. You can also use the strikethrough and monospace effect on your texts.

How to Bold and Italicize Texts

To make texts appear bold, you can either add an asterisk () to both sides of the text or sentence. For example *hello.

On the other hand, to make words italics, just add an underscore() to both sides of the words or phrase. For example, _hello.

Another way is to type then select the part of the text you want to make bold, italics, strikethrough or monospace. You will notice three dots right above the selected texts. Tap this and the bold, italics, strikethrough and the monospace feature will be visible. You can then proceed to choose the feature you want.

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Further, you can also apply multiple text effects to some words or a complete sentence. That is, the bold and italics options or any other combinations can be used together based on your preference.

Mark Chats as Unread

5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don't Know

If you have read a chat but not willing to reply yet, you can mark the chat as unread so you won't forget to reply later.

How to Mark Chats as Unread

Select a chat or more and tap on the three dots shown at the topmost right of your screen. Then, tap on Mark as unread.

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Hide Profile Picture

Hide Profile Picture

If you don't want everyone to see your profile picture, you can hide your profile picture. You can set your profile picture to be visible to your contacts or nobody at all.

How to Hide Profile Picture

  1. Go to WhatsApp settings and tap on Account.
  2. Now, tap on Privacy then Profile photo.
  3. The default option is Everyone, but you can change to My contacts or Nobody if you want just your contacts to see your WhatsApp DP or no one at all.
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Send a Broadcast Message

5 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Don't Know

You can send a message to multiple persons at once through a WhatsApp broadcast message and save yourself the stress of sending multiple similar messages to chats.

How to Send Broadcast Message

  1. Launch WhatsApp and go to chats.
  2. Tap on the three dots at the topmost right then tap on New broadcast.
  3. Further, select the contacts you want to send a broadcast message and give the list a name.
  4. Now, tap the tick mark after selecting and your broadcast list is ready.
  5. Finally, open the broadcast list and send any message. Your message will be sent to friends added to the list at once.

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