5 Most Important Principles of Web Design

The overall performance of a website depends on its design. As much as important as website conversion is, a website owner can apply all conversion measures in the world and still not yield due to poor design. This is why I found it highly essential to discuss the 5 most important principles of web design to help you design a good website.

The 5 Most Important Principles of Web Design

Design affects how customers relate with the business through its website. A good website aids the marketability of products. Most potential customers tend to visit the website before the physical store.

A good website is not determined by the visual design but by the success in the usability of its utility provided by the design which means that performance matters. In short, it is not about how it looks and feels but how it works.

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How to Design a Good Website

Designing a good website requires a good level of expertise in a lot of areas because the overall effort put together in these areas is critical in the performance of the website.

However, this discussion on most important the 5 most important principles of website design will help you to achieve your goal of designing a good website if properly followed for your next design project.

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5 Most Important Principles of Web Design

1. Simplicity

The 5 Most Important Principles of Web Design

Simplicity matter when you want to design a good website. As it was said, it is not about the outlook but performance. Therefore, avoid adding too many elements in the design.

This will help to make the size as small as possible and will reduce distractions among the website users.

With a few elements, a website should experience a fast load time. This also allows easy navigation of users on such a website. So, try as much as possible to keep the design simple. Do not over-design!

2. Uniformity

The 5 Most Important Principles of Web Design

Ensure the elements of design are uniform. Match design elements throughout every page of the design. Ensure fonts sizes for headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and other essential styles are uniform across the complete design.

Choose the right color for elements that require them and stick to the color throughout the whole process. Also, remember that you don't have to use all the colors in the world.

3. Readability


One of the 5 most important principles of web design is readability. If a design is well-designed but users find it hard to read text elements on its pages, it still doesn't make any sense. Typography should be made readable for website users. This is why you should choose a legible font.

Readability as well is one of the factors in use by search engines to render a webpage.

Ensure information are well-organized, make use of appealing headings and subheadings, use numbering where necessary, and make sentences short, simple, and comprehensible to improve reading quality.

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4. Mobile Friendly

The 5 Most Important Principles of Web Design

In this new-age, we have witnessed a hike in the use of smartphones for browsing compared to the use of PC in the past days. If you truly would love your website to be accessed on mobile devices, then you need to make the design mobile-friendly.

Better still, ensure you design in a way to adapt to various screen sizes.

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5. Optimization


Ensure your resources are optimized to prevent them from taking too much time to load. Choose to optimize images and combine compatible resources into a CSS or JavaScript file to reduce HTTP requests.

Furthermore, compressing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS elements can greatly increase the website speed and load time.

Those are the 5 most important principles of Web Design. These tips have proven to work and I believe will also work for you too. Ensure you keep those tips at the back of your mind when next you would like to design a good website.

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