6 Reasons Why Students Fail in Examinations

While trying to answer the question “why students fail in examinations”, it is essential to let you know that failure in an examination is not the end of living.

6 Reasons Why Students Fail in Examinations

It is the joy of every student to come out in the exams in flying colours, but not everyone passes an exam. Most students who sit for an exam end up with average grades, while few have excellent results.

Can we say this is a result of not preparing for the examination at all? Of course, this is not in all cases. I have seen students complaining about reading and that no matter how hard they’ve read or studied, they end up failing.

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I am not saying that every student that failed an examination had prepared for the examination. But how do we explain the situation of those that performed well – as they claim and still fail.

Well, I considered the issue and came up with my findings which we will look into.

6 Reasons Why Students Fail in Examinations

  1. Not Studying Enough

Most of the time, we think we’re done studying, but in the real sense, we’re not. Reading or studying a book or a syllabus is not something you can cover within a few days, and imagine that you have a better understanding of the course/subject. It would be best if you spent more time going through the materials at hand.

This will make you understand the course more than you think you can. After you reach a level of understanding of any topic, move ahead to solve questions.

6 Reasons Why Students Fail in Examinations

Getting solutions to questions goes a long way. It continues to make the course relevant to you while you have a better understanding of the subject.

You can also go the extra mile by teaching someone in your class or discussing the topic with your friends. Doing this will make you remember what you’ve read.

  1. Poor Writing

Illegible handwriting enables the owner of a written notebook to understand what they have written down entirely.

Imagine reading your note, and you can’t comprehend what was written down by you. This won’t prepare you well unless you can get the notes rewritten by friends or other classmates.

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Poor handwriting makes a student prepare less, but it also affects the grading of a student. When you write down the answer expected of you, but the examiner finds it challenging to see what you’ve written down, then you’ll score a lesser mark if not zero.

Improve your handwriting and always avoid joining of letters in a word together. This will make it legible and easy to read by an examiner.

  1. Skipping Classes

Most instructors will not ask you what you are not taught. If so, then we don’t have a reason to fail!

But the reverse is the case since many so-called students find joy in staying out of classrooms. However, there are instances when you miss a class for some tangible reasons.

This is still understandable and permitted but shouldn’t become a habit. Most students who indulge in this habit are the average and weak students who try to imitate the smart guy in their group.

6 Reasons Why Students Fail in Examinations

Learn to go to school early and stay in classes. Also, listen to your instructor, take note of points they are making and ask questions when what they teach is not clear.

Doing all these will make you come out in flying colours when the examination eventually comes around.

  1. Not Buying Recommended Textbooks

A student can’t do without textbooks. The textbook gives you more opportunities to learn more about what your teacher teaches and better understand a topic.

With a good textbook, you can prepare for the next lesson that will come up in a subject by reading the next topic ahead of the class.

This will make the class more interactive with the teacher. You will get the explanation quickly and will be able o ask questions on specific areas that were not clear after the teacher’s explanation.

Not Buying Recommended Textbooks

Students who read ahead of a class are the teacher’s favourites because they can easily understand a concept with little or no explanation.

  1. Crash-Reading

Many students don’t read their notes until examination. They allow the notes to pile up and start reading a week into the examination.

This eventually makes them force the contents into their head – thereby force to memorize what they should have learned without any trouble.

As examination days get closer, they start getting worried when they can’t meet up with a subject or course syllabus. This turns out to be one of the 6 reasons why students fail in examinations.

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If you are one of those students that enjoys this bad habit, it’s high time you do yourself a favour by correcting it.

Although many students are excellent at it, I will stand that it is not the best way to learn.

A student who crash-read may not explain any of the topics in a subject immediately after they finish a terrible exam.

  1. Making Mistakes in an Examination

Pressure does set in for some students during an examination and make them lose focus. A student under pressure may solve a question more than thrice as they may continue to cancel their work after every attempt.

Anytime you are going for an examination, ensure that you leave for the hall well-settled without anything troubling your mind. Remember I told you that most examiners wouldn’t ask you things they didn’t teach.

Making Mistakes in an Examination

So, just sit back and relax, wait till the question gets to you and start solving with complete confidence and zero pressure.

With good preparation and without making mistakes in an examination, you are bound to pass with good grades.

Just like “The Law of 5 P’s” that I learned in college, which reads;

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

It is good to know that before you take an examination, adequate and efficient planning includes going to classes, buying textbooks and writing notes (with legible handwriting).

Also, proper studying will get you good grades and let you come out in flying colours.

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