6 Technologies to Improve Business Security and Control

Security technology has come a long way from just locking up your assets behind a safe. Modern security devices can protect your business thoroughly. No matter how small or large your company is, you can feel confident knowing that criminals cannot break into it. Best of all, the technology is expected to get more advanced in the upcoming years.

6 Technologies to Improve Business Security and Control

On both a micro and macro level, your company is bombarded by threats from various sources. No matter how serious the threat is, you should always take the time to invest in practical security. Some security measures can come in the form of ensuring your locks are working, for example. Other security technologies help protect the assets in a large business or corporation.

You will need to have the right technologies behind you to best do this. Thankfully, modern security technology has dramatically improved how we safeguard ourselves. The following technologies will help you take your security to the next level.

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1. Hardware Verification

Despite many traditional digital tools becoming virtual, using hardware is still a common occurrence. Of course, this means that the chances of them becoming manually stolen increases by thieves. Criminals may also try to break into your hardware through various means.

To get around this potential pitfall, you'll need to install some third-party verification into your device. Hardware verification is becoming more and more common in our society for security's sake. This allows only an authenticated user to gain access to a specified device so that your assets are well-protected.

2. Facial Recognition Software Video

As the potential for cybercrimes increases as the years go by, so too must security software. Biometrics are becoming a pivotal feature of most security systems found in the business. One of the most optimal systems to use comes via facial recognition, which is easy to set up. Any system that requires an authenticated user to enter will require a scan of their face.

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If the correct facial features are recognized, access will then be granted. Typically, you can find a smaller, more compact form of this technology in our smartphones. This sophisticated technology can be used on a larger scale, scanning your face to unlock various devices. You can use video surveillance face recognition software to prevent unwanted access from individuals who have your device!

3. User-Behaviour Data

Many systems based on large amounts of data often use it for various tasks. One of those tasks has to do with security, which can be a huge asset if used proactively. Sometimes, cybercriminals may hack into a system to conduct malicious behaviour.

If your system is installed with the right technology, the AI can quickly identify this behaviour. From this point, you, the authorities, can be alerted to the ongoing suspicious actions. These systems can easily detect red flags, which serve to protect your assets at large.

4. Encryption Technology

Sometimes, the worst possible situation can occur, in which a cybercriminal breaks past your security. However, they have not won the battle yet; it depends on how the data stands. If you use data encryption, you can rest assured that criminals won't do much with the data.

Encryption can be a great help in securing data and can be achieved with different types of SSL certificates like RapidSSL wildcard, Comodo positive SSL, DigiCert SSL certificate, etc. are a few popular certs that can be used to enable encryption.

Data that is encrypted translates to protection at virtually all levels. Cybercriminals won't monetize the stolen data either for their nefarious purposes. Encryption plays a large role in overall security and control and will continue to play a role in the years to come.

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5. Cloud Technology

As mentioned previously, hardware will still play a large role in our companies' functions. However, many tech entities stress the importance of using cloud technology. Not only does this system make things more convenient, but it is an incredibly secure way of protecting data.

Cloud technology has top-of-the-line security protocols so that you can be confident in its usage. Virtual infrastructure must be well-protected if company assets are used much more efficiently. While threats will always loom from the outside, cloud systems cannot be hacked into most of the time!

6. Future Technology

While these technologies are certainly causing for feeling confident, the future will advance this tenfold. Technology has increased significantly in just a few short years in the context of security and overall protection. Take, for instance, the potential for machine learning to grow beyond our current understanding.

Similar to user-behaviour data, this technology labels certain users as entities. These entities can then be examined holistically, from the macro to the micro-level. This will make your company systems close to foolproof regarding overall security!

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