7 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

Everyone blogging has different reasons for starting. For us at Livetechnoid.com, we wanted to escape the usual 9-5, so we could have time exploring life. Here, we have explained seven reasons to start a blog today.

7 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

Recently, we explained whether to consider a blog or website. If you have considered having a blog, I would like to tell you that you have made the right choice.

Blogging can make you have time to do amazing things in life, like being in direct control of your income, being able to wake up when you want and travelling before your retirement.

Whether you are a mom who would like to spend more time at home with her kids or an overworked employee working for a paycheck every two weeks, starting a blogging career can give you the life you desire.

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Many people are already tired of staring at their office cubicle wall for many reasons, but most of them just want their freedom. Whether financial independence, freedom from the office, or freedom to work each day at their convenience, nothing beats having the freedom to live life the way you choose to.

7 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

7 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

More than getting the freedom you deserve, a career in blogging can help you achieve numerous thins, as discussed below.

Ability to control your income

To a reasonable extent, a blogger can control what they earn. You can achieve this by deciding what ads to render or products and services you promote and sell on your blog.

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Work while you travel

Work while you travel

Rather than wait for your regular 2-3 weeks of vacation a year, you can travel around the world as you want without interrupting your work. It would be best to not deprive yourself of the right to enjoy until retirement.

Blogging will help you travel to places you cannot afford on a salary. You can travel to many countries while blogging. It is a career that can free up your time and lets you pay your bills travelling.

Choose your workdays

Blogging gives you the freedom to live life as you want and is one of the reasons to start a blog. You can wake up when you want, go to bed when you want, go grocery shopping when you feel like, workout when the gym is less crowded, drive out when there is no traffic and more.

There is absolutely no limit to the rate of freedom that you can enjoy. You need to create your work schedule and design your days based on your convenience.

Choose your workdays

Besides, you can also decide when to work and the duration.

Improved writing/reading skills

Blogging helps to improve your reading and writing skills. It will help you get more clarity in presenting your thoughts and engaging in conversations.

The ability to pen down your thoughts and ideas into meaningful information other people can consume can help you sharpen your mind.

Improved writing/reading skills

Gain more confidence

When you write and publish your first post, you might feel a little weird until you start getting feedback on how your article has helped change the lives of your audience.

However, welcome both positive and negative feedback. Both have their roles to play, but particularly, they will help you gain more confidence over time. One of the beautiful reasons to start a blog.

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Be your boss

Enough of being controlled by your office boss. Since you are responsible for when to work, how much you work and what you earn, you are only answerable to yourself.

Make your dreams happen by living the dream life. Enjoy your freedom, spend more time travelling around and design your days.

Blogging will challenge you

Not all days of blogging can be so gloomy, especially for a starter. You have to put in serious work to reap the reward. You earn real growth when facing challenges, and you can overcome those challenges.

7 Reasons to Start a Blog Today


Are you ready to start your blog yet? We have covered some good topics to help you design your blog and earn from it.

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If you have more questions different from what we have discussed here, don't hesitate to ask. We are ready to mentor you and help you grow.

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