What You Should Know Before Blogging

If you would like to consider having a blog where you can share useful contents online, there are some tips you need to know before embarking on the journey. In this discussion, you will be learning the things you should know before blogging. What You Should Know Before Blogging

What you have earlier read about blogging doesn't matter right now. In fact, the earlier orientation you must have hard may not count. The quality I am about to add to you will surely make the difference you clamour for.

The information to be shared will be precise, and easy to understand. Although, most contents about blogging on the web are wrong and insufficient.

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What You Should Know Before Blogging

Before I proceed with this discussion, my advice for you as someone willing to learn is that you follow through till the end to take the full charge of the great advantage thrown to you.

What is a Blog?

What is a blog

A blog is a collection of webpages with a unique address (URL) to locate the webpages, with each web page carrying a specific content.

A blog is a specific type of website where you can add contents for people to read. Other forms of websites are agency, catalogue, wiki and eCommerce. It is essential to know that not all websites are blogs. Although, the process of creating all types of websites are very similar.

Who is a Blogger?

What You Should Know Before Blogging

A blogger is someone who owns or manages a blog. Such a person provides adequate information for people to read based on their area of interest.

What is Blogging?

What is blogging

Blogging describes the actions of a blogger on their blog. That is to say, it deals with delivering contents on relevant fields on webpages.

Like any other profitable venture, blogging can also fetch you a good income. Your earnings do not have a limit as long as you are doing it the proper way.

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How do I get a Blog?

What You Should Know Before Blogging

Getting a blog is easy. Prior to getting a blog, there are fundamental things you need to put in place. The most important of them is the domain name and a hosting package.

What is a Domain Name?

What is domain name

Remember I said a blog comprises of webpages with a unique address. This unique address is known as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or domain name.

A domain name or the URL is the address assigned to a webpage to tell browsers where the content is located on the world wide web just like a house address in the real world.

A URL appears in this form; “www.livetechnoid.com” or “livetechnoid.com”. It is not the website itself, it only refers you as a visitor to where the website contents are located.

How to get a domain name?

To get a unique URL for your blog, you need to suggest possible domain names you like and visit a domain registrar to check their availability.

The domain name you choose should be simple, easy to remember and may contain the niche name. For example, my blog URL contains “tech”. This will easily notify my readers and search engines of the likely contents they can find here.

If you would like to buy your domain name now, then refer to this proper guide on how to buy a domain name for blogs.

If the URL is just an address, where is the website itself?

While your URL is pointing to your website, the website itself is located on the host. A host houses all the files that make up a website. It is literally the backbone of any website.

What is a Host?

What is a host

A URL is addressing the host, which is where a functioning website has its files housed. It lets you add a domain name and build any form of a website on it.

A host gives you the absolute authority and control over the website, ensure its security and acts as storage. No website can exist without a host. The host is the backbone of every website. Without it, there can't have a website of any kind.

How to get a Host?

One of the things you should know before blogging is getting a host. To get a host, you have to buy a plan suitable for your blogging purpose from host providers. As a beginner, a shared hosting plan should cater for your needs. You can always upgrade your plan as your blog grows bigger. However, you can go for a WordPress hosting plan, if available and affordable for you.

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To guide you, I have made a review of the best host providers for WordPress to help you get the best, yet cheaped hosting plan around.

After Buying A Domain and Host, What Next?

What You Should Know Before Blogging

Proceeding on the things you should know before blogging. Once you have a domain name and host ready, the next you can point the domain to your host using your nameservers. Nameservers are provided on the host when you buy a hosting plan to make domain names visible and connected to the host.

If you don't seem to get how this can be done, you can seek the assistance of the support team to get it done for you. When both are connected, you can then start designing your blog.

How to Create a Blog

Create a blog

To create a blog, you need a blogging software installed on the host. The most popular among these are WordPress, Blogger and Wix. Although, for this discussion and subsequent, I choose WordPress. You too can read further on why I choose WordPress over Blogger and Wix.

Going further, I have prepared a comprehensive post earlier to act as a guide to help you install WordPress on your host for blogging. After, you can now install a WordPress theme to beautify the appearance of your WordPress blog with good layouts and styles and makes it look professional. However, some themes are free, others are premium. See the difference between free and premium themes.

If you have followed the guide quite well, then you should have a functioning blog already. All you need to do right now is to go ahead and make your first blog post.


What you should know before Blogging

You have just learnt that to create a blog you need three things. A domain name, a hosting plan, and a theme which can only be installed after choosing a blogging software.

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