How to setup your WordPress Theme Features

Now that you have successfully learned how to create a blog yourself, I want to believe that you have created your own blog too using the ideas you have learned. Now that you have a WordPress blog running on a theme of your choice, the next thing to do is to setup your WordPress theme features.

setup your WordPress Theme Features

How to setup your WordPress Theme Features

Every theme comes almost in the same format. A theme must have a place for the website logo, the header image, the footer image, setting up the right-sidebar, the favicon, the footer credit, among other features.

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In order to make your blog look really professional, you need to insert almost all, if not all of the things listed above. The fact that you are a novice does not really matter, you can make your vlog look professional. Even though you may have little or no knowledge about graphics designing, it does not matter. I will expose you to an app that can help you design images for your blog without stress.

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5 Theme Features to Set up

A website logo is not just any logo; it is the design that denotes your brand. Even though you are running a blog, but you should know also that the blog is a brand itself. Every successful and popular brand have their unique logo by which they are known. Your logo should be so unique that anyone that sees the logo will be able to quickly relate it to your blog. The logo can be uploaded from the customize menu under the appearance tab.

We are still on How to setup your WordPress Theme Features.

Header image

The header image is just an image that occupies the head part of your blog. It fits into the area and works well with the theme to give a superb look and feel to your blog. In the same way, the footer occupies the foot part or bottom part. Both can be uploaded to take their positions by visiting the customize tab under the appearance features from the dashboard.

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At the sidebar, most themes allow the user to add special content to those areas. The content may include certain or specific information for your blog’s visitors or may even contain amazing designs called widgets. To add a widget on your right-sidebar or at any other place, all that is required of you is to visit the widget page from your WordPress dashboard. As the page loads, select the widget you want to display, there should be a pop-up asking you to select a location where you want it to be displayed.

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However, if you want it on the right-sidebar, all you need to do is to select it from the options and save. Refresh your URL and you should see the widget displaying immediately. You can also edit some specific widget to your taste depending on the purpose it is meant to serve.

I hope you are progressing as you are learning how to setup your WordPress theme features?


Your website favicon is a tiny logo that shows at the edge of browsers. It is also an identity of your blog. Most times, websites use their logo also as the favicon. There is no crime in doing so too. To set up your favicon, visit the appearance tab from your dashboard and click on customize, you will be able to find an upload form for the favicon. Just click on it and select a directory where you have it saved on your device.

Footer credit

If you have purchased the theme you are using, I mean that you are not running a free theme, the developer should provide an option under the customize option where you can add the credit as it pleases you. If otherwise, it may require you to have a basic idea of HTML and CSS before you can change the footer credit on your blog.

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Bottom line

Sometimes, themes don’t have their features under the customize button. If you come across a theme like that, just look for the theme options under the appearance tab from the dashboard. If you still can’t find it, play around with the options from the dashboard and it should be there. Except the theme does not allow users to edit features. Well, I haven’t come across a theme as such anyway.

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With the little discussed, I will advise you to play around more with the customize tab, you will find out that there are a lot of features you can add edit right there. Do well to add one or more things not mentioned here yourself and check how they look on your page. You can undo whatever steps you have taken if you are no longer interested in a feature you have added.

Now, most of what we discussed on this page has to do with the knowledge of graphics. I have informed you earlier not to panic for this reason. There is an app that you can easily use to make any kind of design you want. The app is called canva.

Canva has readily-made templates which you can just edit to your taste and save for your blog. Images created using the app are unique by the creator except that you are using the templates as they have it on the app.

To use the canva app, visit You can also download the canva app for Android and iOS to make you work faster by helping you design on the go.

Design Wizard is another excellent graphic design software similar to Canva, which allows you to edit images in seconds. It holds over 1 million images and tens of thousands of high-quality templates! Standout features include a custom color palette, free font library and resize button.

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I hope you have learned more things from this page and I believe that by now, you should be able to setup your WordPress theme features yourself.

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