How to Get Google AdSense Approval for WordPress Blogs

Good traffic to your blog without a good method of monetization is useless and a waste. If you are having good traffic, nothing is stopping you from making money with your blog. One of the ways of making money with a blog is by enrolling with the Google AdSense program. On this page, I will be discussing how to get Google AdSense approval for WordPress Blogs.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval for WordPress Blogs

How to Get Google AdSense Approval for WordPress Blogs

Before we begin, if you missed this guide on How to Connect Your Blog to Google Webmasters Console, you must have missed getting free traffic on your blog.

Google AdSense is an advertising platform owned by Google. It allows Bloggers to participate in its program by displaying ads from advertisers right on their blogs. It should be noted that before a website can be approved by Google to its AdSense program, it must have met up with their policy and guidelines. A blog that does not follow the AdSense guidelines does not get approved to the program.

Many bloggers find it difficult to get approval even after reading through the terms, conditions, and guidelines of the AdSense. Maybe some people could not easily interpret or digest the instructions.

Well, as at the time of writing this article, I have gotten over 50 Google AdSense accounts approved and have helped over 60 people get their Google AdSense accounts approval. It is not by luck, I think I have been able to understand the Google AdSense guidelines and have been able to interpret in my own better way.

While we are discussing how to get Google AdSense approval for WordPress Blogs, I need to tell you that Google AdSense is not the only way to make money online. You can also Make Money Online Publishing Sponsored Posts.

However, the methods I will be explaining in below have worked for me and the people I mentor. If you follow the procedures well, it’s a sure way to get Google AdSense approval with ease.

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My Method of getting AdSense approval

Get Your Blog Ready

Ensure you have designed and have made your blog appealing to visitors. You can also ask help from professionals to visit your blog and rate it. This will help you to know what you have done well and what you can do better.

If getting a blog is new to you, you may need to check out the Best Blogging Websites to Create a Blog.

We are still discussing how to get Google AdSense approval for WordPress Blogs.

Get Unique Articles

Now, if you have your blog ready, start getting articles. The best way to get articles is by writing. You can also buy articles from writers but make sure they are not copied from anywhere. A copied post is a guarantee that your blog won’t get approved.

When writing articles, ensure you employ easy and unambiguous words that can be easy to understand. You need at least 25 – 30 articles with each not less than 800 words. Also, take note that these articles should follow your blog’s niche and not any random posts.

To write acceptable articles, check this guide on to Create Your First Blog Post. Meanwhile, don't just write articles to get Google AdSense approval, learn and practice Keyword Research alongside.

Get Your Pages Ready

At least, three pages are essential. They are; About Us, Contact Us and the Privacy Policy Pages. These pages are very essential to get your blog approved.

The About Us page is just an introductory page of your blog that tells your visitors what you do and how they can benefit from the blog. Contact Us will tell your users how they can get in touch with you in case there is need while the privacy policy page will tell you, users, how you collect their data and what it is used for.

A default privacy policy page always comes with every WordPress blog. You can always edit the page to suit your own purpose.

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Set-up the menus and sidebars

As allowed by your theme, you need to arrange your website menu and the sidebars in a way that leads your visitors directly to information on the blog.

Get Started with AdSense

If you have ensured that you have followed the processes above correctly, now it is time to apply for Google AdSense. Visit and click sign-up. You will be required to log-in with your Gmail address to continue the sign-up process. If you don’t have one, then create one and continue with the process.

At the beginning of the registration, you will be required to enter your website URL and your email address. As the page loads further, you will be required to enter your details including the country you are applying from. If you are applying from the USA or UK, then you are automatically applying for the US or UK AdSense as the case may be.

Placing AdSense Code on Your Website

After entering the details and must have agreed to the AdSense policy, you will be required to add a code to the head section of your blog. To do this, go to the editor on your WordPress blog and edit the header.php file. Paste the code after the head tag (look like this <head>) and save the file.

Google AdSense is just one of the ad network that could make you money on your blog, check out other Ad Networks to make money online on your blog.

Head back to the Google AdSense page and check the “I have copied the code” box on the page and submit. The page then, searches for the code on your blog and notify if it has been found or not. In case you have followed the steps properly, it should be found.

If found, you will be told to wait for some days and that they will get back to you as soon as possible. If eventually you get approved or otherwise, you will be sent an email to notify you of the outcome.

In case you have gotten approved, the next thing is to create ad units or activate auto ads to let AdSense display ads automatically on your webpages.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval for WordPress Blogs

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Here are the tips for getting Google AdSense approval for WordPress Blogs. If you have any issues following the steps, you can leave a comment below.

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