How to Easily Unlock Infinix Note 3 Without Any Software

Have you ever been locked out of your Infinix device after you have failed to remember your password/pin/pattern? In this discussion, I will be explaining how to unlock Infinix Note 3 without any software.

How to Easily Unlock Infinix Note 3 Without Any Software

Disclaimer: This discussion is solely for educational purposes. Do not use it on phones that are not yours. Before you use it for someone else, be sure that the phone truly belongs to them.

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How to Easily Unlock Infinix Note 3 Without Software

To unlock your Note 3 device, we shall be considering the stock recovery option for Infinix XOS devices. Most Android phones can be by-passed by booting into recovery mode.

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However, apart from this function, the Android recovery mode serves other purposes which I have discussed earlier in this post.

Now, let’s proceed to the business of the day.

How to unlock Note 3 Using Stock Recovery Option

  1. Start by switching-off your Android smartphone. You may even remove the battery and insert again just to be sure the phone has been properly shut-down.
  2. The next step is to boot your phone into recovery mode by holding the volume up and the power keys together till your phone vibrates.
  3. Ensure you release both keys after vibration and the phone will display XOS Chameleon no command screen.
  4. Further, hold the power key for few seconds and then, the volume up key to access the stock recovery mode.
  5. The volume up and down keys are used for scrolling and power key is used to select an option. Scroll down to the wipe data and factory reset option and select.
  6. Further press the power key to confirm your selection and wait for the reset process to complete.
  7. Upon completion, select the reboot system now option. Your Infinix Note 3 is properly unlocked and boot freshly to how it came from the factory with no screen lock activated.
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