Ways to Make Money Online Fast Blogging

Recently, we started the discussion on How to start a blog and make money. So far, we have been able to explain how to create a blog to a good extent. Now, we are going to discuss the concluding part of this article – ways to make money online fast blogging.

how to make money online fast blogging

Ways to Make Money Online Fast Blogging

According to Talk Technologies opinion which I also strongly support, the purpose of starting an investment is purposely to get income. Blogging is not left out with this. Starting a blogging business is not for charity sake. You must get yourself a good pay out of it. You don’t have a reason to blog and still sleep on an empty stomach or beg for food. Monetize your blog!

How do I make money online fast blogging?

There are a lot of ways to go about this. We shall be discussing the most profitable of them all for the purpose of maximizing your profit from the blog you have created. Let’s get down to business while we highlight out the points.

  1. Advertisers

Sell out spaces on your blog to advertisers and make money from them as you refer your visitors to their website. If you have good content and traffic to your blog, there is a high chance that you will be approved when you apply for one.

There are different ways of advertising, but the two most popular are PPC and PPV. PPC advertisers offer pay per click method of rewarding publishers enrolled in their program. The more the clicks on their advert as displayed on your blog. Check out these advertisers with better paying rates.

A good example of PPC advertisers is Google Adsense. Google Adsense uses what we call cost per click (CPC) and cost per one thousand impressions (CPM) to estimate your earnings. If you would like to enroll in the Google Adsense program, there are certain criteria your blog must meet.

However, if you met these criteria, you will get your approval with ease. If otherwise, you will be denied approval. Check this guide now to get Google Adsense approval for your blog with ease and start to make money online fast blogging.

PPV on its end offer pay per view advertising services. A publisher gets paid based on how many visitors to his blog saw the advert. The more the visitors, the more the income. A lot of media offers this because it’s what many bloggers like. Although their pay might not be much like the PPC media.

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  1. Selling your own products

On your blog, you may consider selling your own product as a way of earning on it. There is no limitation to what you can offer for sale. Sell your ideas by creating an e-book on topics you know well. Doing this, as your readers enjoy your article, they can also, by choice, make a purchase of your product.

This type of income cannot be predicted. Sometimes your earnings may increase and sometimes might drop. It all depends on the interest of your readers. Also, check these websites where you can earn a lot from selling ebooks.

  1. Selling other people’s product

If you don’t have a product to sell, you can sell other people’s product and earn returns. This is one of the smarter ways to make money online fast blogging since you have no product to sell.

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  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advantage to a blogger who has good traffic. It allows websites enrolled on the program to refer people who take a particular action on their website and the one that refers earns a percentage from what they make from the visit.

Like I said if you have good traffic, running affiliate links can help you make good money. You will earn money from every sale your affiliate gets through your link. Commission Junction, Amazon, and a lot of websites make this possible for publishers around the world.

Try to make some findings of any you are planning to apply for. Check their terms of service too so you won’t put your earnings at risk after making enough.

We have made a list of best high-paying affiliate marketers for your blog and can be seen on this discussion.

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I hope you have been following this guide on ways to make money online fast blogging from the beginning. I will be more than happy see you put into practice the ideas discussed. Feel free to ask any questions if there is need.

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