9 Things You Can Do With Your Phone Camera

Phone cameras are used to capture pictures and video recordings. Here, we shall discuss the 9 things you can do with your phone camera aside taking pictures.

9 Things You Can Do With Your Phone Camera

What most people use or believe phone cameras are used for are just to either take pictures or record videos. Phone cameras can perform other numerous functions that are still unknown to many even though it is mostly used for taking pictures.

9 of the numerous functions a phone camera can perform shall be discussed below.

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9 Things You Can Do With Your Phone Camera Aside Taking Pictures

1. Barcode Scanner

Phone’s camera functions as a barcode scanner. Barcodes comprise of multiple lines and are tagged to a whole lot of items nowadays.

Scanning the barcode with your phone takes you to a webpage where you can find relevant information about the item the barcode was attached to.

Besides this, barcodes can also be used to provide login access to a website. An example of these is the WhatsApp web which can only be used or accessed when you must have scanned the barcode provided on the webpage.

In short, anytime you see a barcode, just open your barcode scanner app to find the information attached. Here is your link to install a barcode scanner on Android.

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2. Language Translator

Using your phone’s camera, you can easily translate any form of text written in a language you don’t understand.

The Google Translator app uses the phone’s camera to detect any text and translates back using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to the user in a language of his choice.

Rather than typing the text, you want to translate, using the phone camera can be so much easier saving you from a lot of stress. However, this feature can be used irrespective of where the text is written whether on a paper, in a book, a notice board, a signpost or any other places you can imagine.

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3. Solve Problems

Students can solve a problem using their phone camera. Most search engines including Google, Bing now allow users to easily upload pictures of whatever problems they are trying to solve or information they need and supply them with relevant results.

If you have a picture of a museum or a particular tourist attraction and needs more information about the place, you just search the picture on Google and you will be provided with the information you need.

Another app which allows you to solve a mathematical problem by using your phone camera is Photomath. The app is designed to help students solve any mathematical related problem they come across.

A similar app to Photomath is the Microsoft Math Solver app which provides help with a variety of problems including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other topics using an advanced AI-powered math solver.

To solve problems with Photomath or Microsoft Math Solver, simply write a math problem on screen or use the camera to snap a math photo.

4. Recharge your Mobile

The old way of recharging one’s mobile is by the manual input of codes from a recharge voucher. Nowadays, there are other ways through which you can achieve that purpose.

Some of these are the use of USSD recharge codes, recharge using the bank app and also the use of ATMs. However, many people still rely on the old method to recharge their phone.

A simpler way to recharge your phone if you’re recharging from a voucher is to use of the recharging app that lets you recharge through your phone camera simply by taking a picture of the voucher.

The Camera Scan Mobile Card App helps to recharge your mobile phone by using a camera to make a quick scan of cards.

5. Search eCommerce Websites

A good way to easily search through most eCommerce websites nowadays is to screenshot whatever item you see on the internet then use their image search option to see the products and available prices on the store.

This helps you to save a lot of time and stress, especially when you don’t know the name of that item on the said store.

However, the image search option for most eCommerce websites is only available and accessible through their mobile app.

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6. Check Remote Control

The phone camera can be used to check if an electronic remote controller is functioning. This is possible because the camera lens can detect infrared beams which are emitted when remote controllers are pressed.

To check if your remote control is working, make the remote control face the camera of your phone and notice a dull red light blinking as keys on the remote control are pressed.

7. Detect Hidden Cameras

Phone cameras can detect hidden cameras. When you lodge in a hotel room and need to know if there’s any hidden spy camera around, you only need your phone camera to achieve this.

Put off the light in the room and take a shot of the sides of the darkroom from different directions. Look at the captured images for signs of white dots. If you find any, then there is probably a hidden cam in the room.

8. Watch the Stars

The phone camera can be used to view the stars at night. With the help of an app like SkyMap – Originally owned by Google but later donated and open-sourced, one can easily view the star and get their names and be given directions to place the phone to see certain planets and bodies while using the app.

9. Serve as a Mirror

The phone camera can take the place of a mirror in the absence of none. This practice is very common among females, especially when putting on makeups.

Finally, we have come to the end of this discussion on 9 things you do with your phone camera aside taking pictures. We believe you have learnt some new tips during this discussion. Please feel free to add a comment to this post so we can serve you better.

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