Top 10 Small Business Ideas in 2021

Are you looking for a business idea that works and would like to earn money for yourself? Here are the top 10 small business ideas in 2021.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in 2021

There are a lot of business ideas on the internet that are unpracticable or doesn't suit the present moment and thus, seems not to work. The ones to be discussed here have been applied in real life especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that made all countries of the world lockdown and force their citizens to stay home.

Most workers lost their jobs, some companies refused to be paid for the work their workers never do but guess what, people who participate in at least one of these business ideas still find their way through.

Here are business ideas you should try out.

10 Small Business Ideas in 2021

1. eBook Writer

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in 2021

If you have some ideas you would love to sell, you can pen them down in eBooks and start selling. Getting eBooks sold isn't easy actually. However, in a recent discussion, I have listed the best websites to sell your eBooks.

2. Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing requires you to build a specific topic related to online network or brand. If you have this and a good online presence, you can work with different companies and send them sales. You earn a portion of whatever is sold through you.

Affiliate marketing works better for people with a website and/or with good social media influence. Here are the top affiliate marketing websites to help you top the game.

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3. Article Writing and Proofreader

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in 2021

Some websites allow you to write or proofread articles from their platform and you earn. You can try out Copywriting Network even though their payment per work is small for new members but increases over time.

Also, if you have a website owner or content writer, endeavor to check these sponsored publishers that you can publish articles and stories from to your website and they get you paid for it.

Additionally, non-website owners can write for revenue sharing blogs and get paid as well.

4. Tech Support

tech support

If you are good at providing various tech solutions, you can get yourself a website where people can get across to you through your phone, email address, and other media.

A lot of people in the world are facing a tech problem or two at some point, all you need is to get yourself connected to such people, solve their problem, and make your money. This article on how to get started as tech support should be helpful.

5. Graphics Designer

graphics designer

Graphics have become a necessity in the world. Most people need graphics from time to time for a lot of things. Graphic designers are one of those professionals who doesn't find it hard to find work.

If you're interested in learning in pursuing a career in graphics, here are the best online learning platform you can learn from.

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6. Website Designer

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in 2021

Come to think of it, to partake in most business ideas nowadays, you need a website. The fact is, every business needs a website, whether small or large.

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If you are a website designer or developer, here is what to do so you don't run out of jobs to work on.

7. eCommerce Reseller

eCommerce reseller

eCommerce reselling deals with selling products from other websites to your visitors. Most times, you get items sold at a higher price than the original, and all of the gains become yours and yours alone.

8. Social Media Influencer

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in 2021

Social media influencer is easy especially when you have built a presence online and have a lot of followers across platforms. You can approach companies and other business owners and help them advertise their business at a price.

9. Blogger


Blogging is one of the ways through which people make money right from the comfort of their homes. I have discussed extensively in the past on blogging as a career. My articles on blogging will change you from novice to professional in little time if properly followed.

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10. Freelancer

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in 2021

There are various websites where you can sell the skills that you possessed. Most of the skills you acquire from the business ideas I have earlier discussed on this page can be sold to people who need them. Here are the best freelancing websites you can sell your skill online.

Here is the end of this discussion on the top 10 small business ideas in 2021. I hope you find it helpful. However, if you experience any difficulty in implementing any of the ideas, please feel free to let me know through your comment.

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