How to Add Table of Contents on WordPress Post and Pages

For the next two minute, I will be explaining how to add table of contents on WordPress posts and Pages. It’s quite easier than you think. You need zero knowledge of coding to successfully add the feature to your WordPress website.

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How to Add Table of Contents on WordPress Post and Pages

Why Add Table of Contents on WordPress Post and Pages?

Readers are able to navigate easily around your write-ups. This will make it easy for them to find what they want easily without having to read everything on that page.

It makes your website appear well-sorted and It is one of those things to know a professional blogger.

How do I Add Table of Contents on WordPress Post and Pages?

Like I said earlier, you don’t need any knowledge of coding to do these. All that you need is a plugin that takes care of everything. The plugin you need to install is called,” Easy Table of Contents” plugin.

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Why Easy Table of Contents?

This plugin is a free tool that automatically creates a table of contents for every pages and posts when activated.

Even though tables are generated automatically, it allows users of the plugin to fully customize it as they want.

The automatic generation of the tables is with the help of the heading tags on titles and subtitles within posts and pages.

How to Use

From the left sidebar of your WordPress admin panel, find Plugins and then add new. Search for “Easy Table of Contents”. When it shows up, install the plugin and activate.

After activation, proceed to the plugin setting to customize the functionality of the plugin. Among the features that you can customize is the position you want it to show, the theme of the item and the headers to consider.

After this step, you can now test the plugin by opening any of your previously published article. You will be amazed to see how well it fits in.

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The Easy Table of Contents Plugin is a free plugin and does not cost you a dime for its use. Although, it is not the only plugin that can do this. But I personally have tested the plugin and so far, I am satisfied with how it works.

You might as well try out other plugins with the same function and give us feedback about them.

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We have come to the end of the article on how to add table of contents on WordPress posts. In case you have any problem or have tried the plugin, please ensure you share your feedback with us.

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