Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 Full Unlocked Free Download

Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 Full Unlocked Free Download – You can download the latest version of Among Us APK mod and play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players.

Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 Full Unlocked Free Download

The game helps you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, and you have to beware of an impostor bent on killing everyone. Crewmates only win the game when they complete all tasks or discover and vote out the impostor from the ship. On the other hand, an Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.

Among Us is a multiplayer game for four to fifteen players. However, it is recommended to be played by at least five players. It requires up to three players randomly and secretly choose an Impostor for each round.

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How to Play Among US

A round in this game can take place on one of four maps. It could be a spaceship called The Skeld, a headquarters building called MIRA HQ, a planet base called Polus or something based on Innersloth's Henry Stickmin series called The Airship.

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The Impostor can win either by killing most of the crew to the point that they have equal numbers or by sabotaging a critical system on the map. This holds if the Crewmates don't resolve it in time.

Crewmates can win one either by completing all tasks or by identifying and removing all Impostors. Besides, if a Crewmate quits the game, tasks are automatically considered completed.

Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 Full Unlocked Free Download

Crewmates are assigned tasks to complete around the map at the start of the game. These are usually in the form of minigames, mini puzzles, and simple toggles. It mostly consists of maintenance work on vital systems such as fixing wires and downloading data.

Impostors will be given a fake list of suggested tasks to make them blend in with Crewmates. But, they cannot perform tasks. They only pretend to be doing the tasks on the ship.

Impostors can sabotage vital systems like The Skeld's oxygen supply, close rooms doors quickly and covertly travel through the ventilation system. They can kill Crewmates when standing close.

Any killed crewmate or any player voted out become a ghost. These ghosts have the ability to pass through walls, see and chat with other ghosts. They can help living teammates by completing their tasks if a Crewmate or perform some acts of sabotage if an Impostor.

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What's New in Version 2022.6.21?

  • Added vent cleaning task
  • Scaling on “SHH” screen fixed
  • Upload Data phone colours fixed
  • All major buttons are now localized
  • Other minor visual and localization bug fixes
  • Getting stuck in place after a meeting is fixed
  • Geoff eyepatch is now (sadly) back to being a mask
  • Clouds in the Airship no longer move in the wrong direction
  • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Irish localization added

Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 Full Unlocked Free Download

Among Us MOD APK v2022.6.21 Full Unlocked Free Download

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