Best Affiliate Marketing Networks to Make Money Online

Do you want to make some money referring people to buy a product while you get your commission on every sale made? Affiliate Marketing is the right choice. We shall consider the best affiliate marketing networks to make money online.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks to Make Money Online

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks to Make Money Online

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You are a blogger with a good website and content, and most of all, you have been receiving traffic to your blog, the next thing you should consider is website monetization i.e. making money from your blog.

There are numerous ways through which you can make money from blogging. Some of the ways have been discussed here while some shall be discussed in the coming days.

One of the best options in monetizing a blog is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing describes the action of a publisher joining an affiliate network and thereby, directing sales to some products.

When sales are made, a certain proportion of the money is paid to the publisher through which the sale was made. There is no limit to what you can earn from affiliate marketing.

In reality, the bigger the sale is the higher your proportion. At most times, the proportion is not fixed and may vary according to the price of the product sold.

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Affiliate marketing is a good choice for companies and marketplaces because it gives them the opportunity to reach out to a good audience and potential buyers.

Companies often engage publishers because both parties have nothing to lose. They give you a link to their product, you refer people and earn money when a sale is made through your affiliate link. A sale makes it a win-win situation for you both.

Logically, it is like these companies are hiring sales representatives, whose job is to makes sales and get commissions.

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Google AdSense is not the only PPC Marketing website around, these are the Best PPC Marketing Websites to Make Money Online. We are still discussing the best affiliate marketing networks to make money online.

We have the best affiliate programs that could help you earn great commissions through their different affiliate offers.

Top Affiliate Markets

Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the most popular affiliate networks out there is the Amazon Affiliate Program. It let you refer sales through your Amazon affiliate link to the Amazon store.

One of the most interesting parts of Amazon Affiliate Program is that it allows you to earn commission on anything bought by someone who has visited the website using your link whether it was the product you advertised or not.

Amazon Affiliate Program pays a commission between 4 – 6 % on every item sold. The commission can be increased as you get higher sales to their marketplace. You can visit their website and enroll yourself to their Affiliate Program.

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ClickBank is a platform that retails top quality lifestyle products. It brings manufacturers of such products and digital marketers together. Digital marketers promote products from manufacturers and get their commission on sales made.

ClickBank is very popular among affiliate networks. It was reported to have had over six-million clients around the world. However, it does not accept every country to their program. You might need to start from their website to know if your country is allowed to use ClickBank.

ClickBank is a privately held online marketplace for digital information products. ClickBank aims to serve as a connection between digital content creators and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers. It is extremely popular.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction – CJ, has been around for over 20 years having been proved to be a trusted household in affiliate marketing that brings manufacturers and publishers together.

There are over 1000 manufacturers from which a publisher can choose from. It has over 15 offices across the world in its effort to deliver innovative solutions, strategies, and ideas.

You can also join their affiliate program by signing up on their platform.

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ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in the USA. Their service is to bring two people together; the publishers and the merchant.

ShareASale have been into the business for 19 years with over 3900 merchants on the platform. It also pays commissions to affiliates based on sales. It is very similar to ClickBank.


Avangate is a leading affiliate platform for the online software business and digital products across the world. It allows publishers to grow their business by driving sales to these products while they earn a commission.


MaxBounty is one of the leading marketing networks that deal with CPA (cost per action) marketing. New affiliates can earn up to $100 performance bonus. It offers its payment weekly.

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Forex-Affiliate is also an affiliate marketing that allows you to receive a commission when you refer a new user to a forex broker and they begin to trade with the broker.

Unlike most affiliate network that deals with digital products, Forex-Affiliate deals with forex trading.

eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network (EPN) is one of the best affiliate marketing you can join. It allows their partners to earn commissions based on sales they make on the eBay network.

These are the best affiliate marketing networks to make money online. We will love to hear your feedback when you try them out. We shall add more to the list in sooner time.

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