Best Online Survey Sites to Make Money Online

In your search across the internet for different making money online scheme, you have just come across another amazing method. Here, you will be learning the best online survey sites to make money online.

Best Online Survey Sites to Make Money Online

Best Online Survey Sites to Make Money Online

This may sound surprising to you, but it is actually true. There is a countless number of companies who are ready to get you paid just by you taking their surveys. As you take surveys, you get paid. What you earn per survey is based on the amount fixed to the survey you have taken.

Even though you may not a blogger and may not be willing to engage in some tedious jobs on the internet – if there is anything like that, you can easily participate in research by helping companies take surveys while you earn your reward.

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There are certain websites that let you make money by taking part in their surveys. I have made a review of the best you can start with. Some of these websites are for regular research while some are for taking surveys.

However, there is no need to make any payment before you can participate in any online surveys. Any individual or company asking you to pay some fee is a scam.

Top Research Websites

Focus Pointe Global

Focus Pointe Global is one of the largest marketing research data collection company that let you earn by participating in their research program.

Ways by which you can earn with Focus Pointe Global are by taking part in a paid focus group, testing new products including snacks and beverages, watching certain TV shows and participating in online surveys. As a matter of fact, they have a panel of participants at that take part in market research.

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Google User Experience Research

Google User Experience Research let you take part in their research studies by reporting them what you think about certain Google products and its features. A survey on this platform can earn you $75 or more.

Microsoft User Research

Microsoft User Research lets you review Microsoft products while you get paid. It is similar to Google User Experience Research.

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Top Survey Websites


Cashcrate lets you make money online by taking part in paid surveys and free offers. It surveys includes games that can help you earn free cash which extremely fun especially for youths and work from home moms.

Clear Voice Surveys

Clear Voice Surveys is an online survey panel where you get paid to take a survey from market research companies.

Creation Rewards

Creation Rewards lets you earn free gift cards as you take part in their surveys. There are a variety of surveys you can take. They include watching videos, participating in online shopping, among other cool things.


Gifthulk can help you make money, especially in your free time. You can make money easily by taking part in researches. However, their researches can take the form of games, filling out forms or watching videos.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research will let you make money online by taking part in paid surveys. It let you take part in product reviews and get you paid with real cash and not points.

Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards allows you to make money taking part in paid surveys. All you need to do is share some information about yourself and they will in real-time, match you to a paid survey that suits you. Apart from opinions, you can participate in online shopping and emails reading.

Global Test Market

Global Test Market let you get paid for taking paid surveys you qualify for. Payments are made from the platform once a user reaches an accumulated threshold of $50.

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Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an internet market research company that let you earn points when you complete surveys. When you earn your points, you can then decide on whether to redeem for cash or other prizes.

Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds pay its members not just by taking part in survey offers but also when they sign-up, read e-mail, play games and refer other people. Every new user gets £1 instantly as a sign-up bonus.

Permission Research

Permission Research has over two million members across the world. It is an online market research community that pay its members for taking part in surveys.


Swagbucks has paid over $150 million to its members for taking part in surveys. It also lets you earn free gift cards when you participate in online shopping or watching videos. Also, a new member gets a $5 sign up bonus after registering on the platform.

Test Spin

Test spin let you earn up to $600 per year when you take part in their paid surveys. You can as well engage in testing of new products or listening to music.


Toluna is a platform that let you share your opinions by asking or answering a question and getting rewarded.Best Online Survey Sites to Make Money Online

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These are the best online survey sites to make money online. Remember to give your feedback by leaving your comments below and as well, share the post with friends.

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