Best Telegram Bots for Every Group Use

In this post, you will be learning about the best Telegram bots for every group use.

Best Telegram Bots for Every Group Use in 2021

Telegram messenger allows the use of bots to perform quick functions in a group to relieve admins and make group coordination easier for them. These bots can perform real fast tasks like welcoming new users on a group, preventing group spams, warning spammers, banning or muting spammers when they reach a limit set by an admin, used to know scammers and can send scheduled messages automatically.

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Telegram bots perform their functions based on the admin settings. They work with Telegram API. Besides, every Telegram user can make theirs cater to their group needs. Remember Telegram groups can have unlimited numbers. Consequently, a group with 5K or more members can easily be moderated with a bot. Group admins need to work round the clock.

Best Telegram Bots for Every Group Use

Best Telegram Bots for Every Group Use

Rose Bot

Rose is the most popularly used among Telegram bots. The bot helps to reply chats, and besides, filters spam messages and can ban spammers from a group.

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Rose Bot can be used to deliver a custom welcome message to a new group user. An admin can add words considered as offensive as blacklist and Rose will take action when such words are found in a user post. Besides, you can allow warnings of spammers for a specified number of times.


Marie Bot

Marie works in a similar way to Rose. I think the reason for this much similarity is because they come from the same developer.

Marie bot can also be considered a good option when you need a bot to perform the moderation work for you.

At this time, the Marie Bot has been tagged unmaintained by the developer.

Group Butler

Butler has an edge over Rose and Marie. Admins can disable inline posts with buttons. Besides, it is very easy to set commands while you rest and be assured that groups members won’t see the changes made.

Best Telegram Bots for Every Group Use

SangMata Bot

SangMata helps to keep track of names and username changes in a group. It can detect changes in a user’s name or username and can be set to send the notification on the group for everyone.

Anti-Inline Bot

Anti-Inline can detect and remove any posts that include a link. This prevents spammers from driving your users to their group or an external website.

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Anti-Hyperlink helps achieve all Rose and Marie’s functions without the need to send a command. Once you enable it as an admin, it will automatically detect and delete spam posts.


Anti-Service Message

Anti-Service Message bot removes regular Telegram notification messages. This includes notification of newly joined or added members and as well as members who leave.

Do you know any other useful Telegram bot not mentioned here? Kindly tell me in the comment section below.

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