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Best Websites for Freelance Writing Jobs

Say you are a writer who is not considering going into blogging yet and not ready to join revenue sharing agreement networks, a better choice you can consider is freelance writing jobs. In this discussion, we shall be considering the best websites for freelance writing jobs.

Best Websites for Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs

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In one of our recent articles, we explained freelancing as the act of getting jobs done online based on the skills you have while you accrue money.

We have also, made you know that a freelancer is a person who solves certain problems for clients online and gets paid in return.

Your success as a freelancer depends on how expertise you are with your skill. If you are so skilled with that talent you’ve got, then success is guaranteed.

There are numerous services you can provide as a freelancer. One of these skills is freelance writing jobs. Other skills you can employ as a freelancer include graphic designing, website developing, social media managing.

There are companies and businesses online looking for writers to hire for the successful running of their activities. Some bloggers who don’t have much time to sit and compose also hire writers and pay them as to their agreement.

Have fun and get paid. Here’s How to Make Money Online Playing Games. We are still discussing the best websites for freelance writing jobs.

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Instead of writing for fun without any payment, why don’t you consider freelancing?

It does not just help you earn money but also help you get improved on your writing skill as you will be opened to criticism. As time goes on, you will be able to build a reputation in this line of work.

You should also take note that there are more writers out there who are into this and as well, there are more job offers for professionals among those writers.

If you are considering the best websites for freelance writing jobs, there are certain websites I will like to recommend to you that can help connect you to businesses that need your skill.

To get started with your freelancing job, consider the following websites.

Best Websites for Freelance Writing Jobs

London Brokers accepts writers into their platform and help them make money right away. It is not necessary that you are a professional but you should be able to express yourself in native English.

Payment for jobs on London Brokers is made upfront making the system convenient for the writers, unlike many other websites where you have to create a gig or make a bid.

You do not necessarily need to be from or reside in London, so far you express yourself in native English, London Brokers might be the best for you.

Would you consider selling websites and getting paid? Here’s How to Make Money Online Selling Websites and Blogs. We are still discussing the best websites for freelance writing jobs.

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To get started with London Brokers, you need to create an account an account, take a series of multiple choice test (to test how well you can speak English) and wait for approval.

Please note that the email address to be used during registration should be the same as your PayPal address since payments are made via PayPal.

On the platform, a user can only write 1 or 2 articles per day until you reached the review period of 10 articles. After this period, there is no limit to how many articles you can write.

Payment varies based on the number of words in an article. An article of 300 words costs $2.00, 400 words cost $3.00 per article, 500 words costs $3.50 and so on.

Sometimes, users can receive a fast delivery bonus if an assignment given is completed within 24 hours.

iNeedArticles also accept writers on this platform and connect the writers with appropriately available writing offers.

Do you have anything to sell online? Here are the Best Marketplaces to Make Money Online Selling your Products. We are still discussing the best websites for freelance writing jobs.

Most of the writer on their platforms are professionals unlike London brokers but also makes use of native English speaking as the major criteria for hiring.

Seeking Alpha is a crowd-sourced content provider majorly for the financial markets. Writers on this platform write articles and journals which are related to stocks, asset classes, investment strategies and other areas of the financial sector.

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There are over 3000 contributors who write on different areas of the financial sector.

Writers Domain is a website which allows writers to get paid while running their writing career with them.

To get started on Writers Domain, you are required to register an account on the platform and submit a writing sample. You receive your earnings after you have had $100 worth of posts accepted.

Finally, we have come to the end of this discussion on the best websites for freelance writing jobs. Consider joining at least one of these websites to get started with freelance writing jobs. There is no limit to how much you can earn with this.

What matters is your reputation. Once you build a reputation, you will be able to charge businesses that need your skill at a better price.

We hope that this guide on the best websites for freelance writing jobs will be beneficial to you as you endeavor to start making money online.

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There are other ways to make money from home. kindly endeavor to check them out here.

Thanks for following our timely updates on this blog. We hope to see you back at a sooner time. For comment and feedback, please feel free to use the comment feature.

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