How to check your IMEI number on all mobile devices

IMEI, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique number which is 15 digits long, assigned to identify mobile phones. When your phone is lost or stolen, your IMEI number could be of help in finding it. Today, I'll be teaching you How to check your IMEI number on all mobile devices.

check your imei number

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How to check your IMEI number

1. Check IMEI using the phone dialer

To check your IMEI number on any kind of phone, dial *#06# and you will see your IMEI number displayed in front of you.

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2. Check IMEI on Android phone

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To check IMEI number on Android phones, kindly navigate to the settings menu. From settings then, About phone.

3. Check IMEI at the back of phones

To check your IMEI number at the back of your phone, kindly remove the phone battery and you will find it right there.

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4. Check IMEI on your phone pack

IMEI numbers are normally written on phone packs it comes with. If you still have the pack with you, check on it to see the IMEI number.

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