Doogee, iLife, Cubot and Leagoo Phones under Threat of Banking Trojan Virus ‘Triada

Recently, there have been rumours circulating aroung the world of a new banking Trojan virus called ‘Triada’. According to Dr. Web, a Russian-based antivirus vendor, over 42 Android smartphones including Doogee, iLife, Cubot and Leagoo Phones have been shipped with Triada Android banking trojan.

Leagoo Phones under Threat of Banking Trojan Virus

Triada is a malware designed to infect phones right from the factory without the awareness of maufacturers.

Phone Brand and Types Affected by the Banking Trojan Virus

1. Leagoo Phones:

Leagoo Phones believed to be affected are,

  • Leagoo M5
  • Leagoo M5 Plus
  • Leagoo M5 Edge
  • Leagoo M8
  • Leagoo M8 Pro
  • Leagoo M9
  • Leagoo T1 Plus
  • Leagoo Z1C
  • Leagoo Z3C
  • Leagoo Z5C
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2. Doogee Phones:

Affected Doogee Phones are,


  • Doogee X5 Max
  • Doogee X5 Max Pro
  • Doogee Shoot 1
  • Doogee Shoot 2


3. Other Phone Brands:


  • Tecno W2
  • Homtom HT16
  • Umi London
  • Kiano Elegance 5.1
  • iLife Fivo Lite
  • Mito A39
  • Vertex Impress InTouch 4G
  • Vertex Impress Genius
  • myPhone Hammer Energy
  • Advan S5E NXT
  • Advan S4Z
  • Advan i5E
  • Tesla SP6.2
  • Cubot Rainbow
  • Haier T51
  • Cherry Mobile Flare S5
  • Cherry Mobile Flare J2S
  • Cherry Mobile Flare P1
  • NOA H6
  • Pelitt T1 PLUS
  • Prestigio Grace M5 LTE
  • BQ 5510
  • ARK Benefit M8
  • Zopo Speed 7 Plus
  • UHANS A101
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Meanwhile, as the rumours keep spreading, it is believed that the news is a mere rumour which must have been initiated by Popular brands to fight cheap and affordable Chinese brands. Although, nothing has been said by the brands affected, but we hope to hear the details very soon.




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