Download Migrate Guru v4.31 Premium WordPress Site Migrator

Download Migrate Guru v4.31 Premium WordPress Site Migrator and Clone – Migrate Guru provides the fastest way to migrate WordPress sites by simplifying difficult WordPress migrations. It is powered by BlogVault which partners with many top WordPress hosts around the world.

Download Migrate Guru v4.31 Premium WordPress Site Migrator

Migrate Guru uses intelligent processes on its servers. This option guarantees zero risks to your sites. It automatically rewrites URLs, bypasses import-export scripts, and handles serialized data. It also can clone large WordPress single and multi-sites without any manual work, add-ons, or additional tools.

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Migrate Guru let you experience great migration speeds, unlike any other plugin you choose, with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. You can simply get your website moved during your commute to work.

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To migrate a website using the plugin, you only need to select a migration destination, i.e. the WebHost you're moving your website to and enter the details requested, then, click ‘Migrate' and watch everything done in a single click.

Migrate Guru Features

  • True one-click migration
  • No overload on site
  • Built for large sites
  • No addons
  • Timely alerts
  • No storage space required
  • Compatible with every web host
  • Move your site from and to any web host.
  • Fully automatic, built-in search and replace
  • Comfortably handle serialized data with accurate search and replace.
  • Move 80% faster! (can clone 1gb websites in less than 30 minutes)
  • No export or import steps.
  • Migrate to any web host in the world with a click.
  • Seamless multisite support
  • Migrate Large Sites
  • No extra work.
  • We take care of your URLs and database entries automatically.
  • No Overload on Site
  • No risk of crashing your site!
  • Tracking and Progress Alerts in real-time
  • Keep you in the loop about your migration status.
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What's New in Version 4.31?

  • Fetching MySQL Version
  • Robust data fetch APIs
  • Core plugin changes
  • Sanitizing incoming params

Preview Page of Migrate Guru

You can live preview the plugin from the official demo page Here.

Host Supported:

InterServer, WPEngine, HostGator, BlueHost, and many others.

Free Download Migrate Guru v4.31 Premium WordPress Site Migrator and Clone


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