How to Easily Create A Website in 2020

This post will be discussing How to Easily Create A Website in 2020.

How to Easily Create A Website in 2018

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Creating a website in recent days has taken a new dimension. You don't need to understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before you can become a website designer.

How is this possible? There are tons of ready-made WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) templates out there in free and premium versions.

Different designs for numerous websites' contents and purposes are made available on certain platforms like WordPress and Blogger.

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What You Need to Easily Create A Website in 2020

1. URL ( – Url is a unique address to your website. It tells the browser where to locate your content. You can get one at a cheap price from trusted domain registrars like InterServer.

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2. Hosting Plan – Think of your URL as a building and the host as the foundation in construction. It's impossible to get a building without making a foundation. Host enables you to install and design your website using templates and also, gives you total control over your website. A free hosting plan is not really advisable. Check out InterServer for cheap hosting plans. Although they are Nigerian based, they are doing pretty well in rendering services at a cheap price.

3. Website Design Template – As I was saying, our aim is to create a website without fundamental knowledge on codings. To achieve this, we need a template. The type of template depends on the type of platform of choice. I am recommending WordPress over Blogger as it can be accessible by a complete novice.

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My dear readers, I'll like to take a pause here for now. Kindly get your URL, a Hosting Plan, WordPress theme, and wait for the next episode.

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