Facebook App & Messenger Will Now Share Same Stories

Facebook app & Messenger app will now share the same Stories across both apps.

Seeing how stressful it is for users to post a Story on the regular Facebook app, and then post it again on Messenger app, Facebook finally decided to discontinue the Messenger Day feature, so, the Stories you see in FB app are the same ones that you will see in the Messenger app.

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Facebook Messenger Day has been scrapped off, and the social media giant has replaced it with Facebook app Stories.

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In a clearer term, Facebook app and Messenger app will now share the same Stories across both apps. Facebook Messenger Day is a feature that enables users post photos and videos—within the messenger app—that will disappear after a day.

Now, a Story posted either on Facebook app or Messenger app will be visible in both platforms. If you open them in one app, they are marked as viewed in the other app. Same applies to replies and reactions on the Story.

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This is a good move, as the views and reactions of a Story will definitely increase, and it will save users the stress of posting the same Story on the Facebook app and Messenger app. But by the way, do you know you can also cross post your Instagram Stories to Facebook?

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