How to Find Out If Your Facebook Data was Used by Cambridge Analytica

Facebook was found guilty this previous month in a data scandal where millions of Facebook user profiles data were given out to Cambridge Analytica without their permission. This was followed by criticism by a lot of individuals including WhatsApp Co-Founder – Brian Acton telling people to delete facebook. This has made Facebook introduce a feature to Find Out If Your Facebook Data was Used by Cambridge Analytica.

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Find Out If Your Facebook Data was Used by Cambridge Analytica

As a result of this, Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg will testify in front of both the Senate and the House starting tomorrow, and a 24-hour boycott of Facebook and its associated apps will start Wednesday morning. In addition, it will alert users if their personal data was among the 87 million profiles released to Cambridge Analytica.

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How to Find Out If Your Facebook Data Was Used by Cambridge Analytica

To check if your account is affected, you have been advised lookout for a notification at the top of your Facebook newsfeed from today onwards.

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If your account is affected, an exact or similar message that reads Facebook has banned a site called “This Is Your Digital Life” because it improperly shared your Facebook info with Cambridge Analytica,” then your account was among those released to Cambridge Analytica. A link will be provided which will show you how you are affected.

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In other words, if your Facebook account was not involved, you are advised to Block Third-party Apps Using Facebook Bulk Removal Tool.

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