FMWhatsApp APK Download For Android

FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version comes with a variety of interesting features, all of which are shared by us on this page. And, as you may be aware, these features are improving with each new release, so always consider using FMWhatsApp latest version APK.

Moreover, they aren't offered through the official WhatsApp app, so you will find them interesting. The FM WhatsApp app lets you text, call, and transfer files to your contacts, but you can also personalize your conversation screen and your UI.

FMWhatsApp APK Download For Android

With FM WhatsApp 2021, you can become anonymous, and see your friends deleted stories. Whatever the official WhatsApp lacks, FM WhatsApp has got it covered. Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about the FMWhatsApp app for Android and will also tell you how to download FMWhatsApp APK 2021. The latest version of this app comes with many features you can’t find in the official WhatsApp app, so you must try it once.

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FMWhatsApp For Android Features

Customization Features – There are many customization options available in FMWhatsApp APK latest version. You can apply custom themes to change the user interface of your WhatsApp. Also, custom emojis can be used to enhance the quality of our conversations. We have the option of using a distinct and personalized user interface by changing the settings according to your needs.

FMWhatsApp APK lets you create your own launcher icons if you're tired of the default ones so you can easily identify them if you are using it with other WhatsApp MODs. Custom background and status can be set for every contact in FMWhatsApp, making it possible to utilize a unique look for each one.

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Privacy Features – FMWhatsApp has a function that allows you to make a WhatsApp call to anybody, even if you don't have their contact information in your contacts list. When forwarding a message in WhatsApp, you will get a forward tag, however, with FMWhatsApp, we have the option to turn off the forward tag so that the message seems to have been written by us and is thus unique.

Similar to other WhatsApp mods, you can deactivate the second and blue ticks from conversations and disable our status view. We can still view the status of our contacts after they've been deleted, thanks to the anti-delete message and status functionality. Also, if someone deletes a message, you can see it in the conversation.

Media Features – Media sharing in FMWhatsApp is limited to 700MB files at a time, and there are few other options too. Using FMWhatsApp, we can send high-resolution photos and movies without losing quality. While the official WhatsApp can only send up to 10 pictures at a time, FMWhatsApp allows us to share up to 30 images simultaneously.

This app comes with a built-in downloader function that allows you to download WhatsApp stories, profile pictures, and status updates of your contacts. You can also send other types of files like archived files, BAT, img, .iso, and a few more with FM WhatsApp which is not possible with the official WhatsApp app.

FMWhatsApp Download | FM WhatsApp Latest Version APK

We strongly encourage you to create a backup of all chats and media data before installing any WhatsApp mod on your smartphone. Because uninstalling an app wipes out all of its data, creating a backup is important. If you don't make a backup, all of your data will be permanently lost. Once you have created a backup of your official WhatsApp app, start following the steps mentioned below to install FM WhatsApp APK for Android.

Download FMWhatsApp APK

  1. Download the FMWhatsApp APK file and save it in your device storage.
  2. Open Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  3. Enable the “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option.
  4. Go back to the Downloads folder and click on the FM WhatsApp APK file.
  5. Tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  6. Once it is done, open the app and register with your mobile number.
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Final Words

The internet is filled with plenty of WhatsApp MOD APKs, many of them are genuine copies of the official app, while others are fake apps. Users are quickly turning to WhatsApp mods apps like FMWhatsApp due to a desire for more privacy and additional functionality. We hope you have found this post useful about the latest version FMWhatsApp APK.

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However, if you want a bit more variation in the WhatsApp interface and features, you may use FMWhatsApp as a side alternative to WhatsApp. Though, privacy is always at stake with these WhatsApp MOD apps. We will keep this post updated with more information on the FM WhatsApp APK latest version, so keep visiting.

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