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How To Format Your Phone Without Software



Hello There, Techguru Here, you know everybody at one time or the other get stock with one phone problem or the other, some may be phone savvy but most people don’t, therefore in this post am just going pretty quickly run down for you some super fast methods to quickly Format Your Phone Without Software, so lets dive in to it.

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I’m going to show you how to restore your phone that means formatting your data you can see that this is the already used and custom use and there is a lot of features okay firstly you just turn off your mobile shut it down.How To Format Your Phone Without Software

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How To Format Your Phone Without Software

If you want to Format Your Phone Without Software where you have already store your data you can use your phone volume up key and power button and the home button both three bottom keys and just press long key for minimum ten, fifteen to twenty seconds okay you just press the three button, long enough, while responding then village everything and will see a lot of messages, a lot of programs you can, you know just use your volume up and down key the third one that’s the wipe data and restore factory.

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How To Format Your Phone Without Software

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Then if you select the restore factory, select your menu then click on it okay and then down from there, then select okay t hen you will see all the data from your phone now it’s time to format all the data then you just select there the reboot option and click on prepare from power button,then just wait for it to open so it will take maybe fuming few second and just open on it,it has a required time frame for it because the phone will be fully clear and it will become neat and clean and you can use your software new leaf and the full
performance will be perfect. if it’s taken too long time, don’t worry, the phone will perfectly format all data then you can just start it.How To Format Your Phone Without Software

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Even If there is no sim card, but you can use your phone without SIM card or you can use your Wi-Fi, just select your date, then just click on it, next if you can to add your Google account for play store if you don’t don’t want to, then you can skip it not now,there could be another service, or maybe not, its finish,there you have a brown new phone have at it.

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Thanks for reading, now you know how to Format Your Phone Without Software.

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