Free or Premium WordPress Themes, Which Is Better?

Have you been trying to decide what kind of WordPress themes to use for your blog? You have come to the right place. This article will help you to decide between free or Premium WordPress Themes.

Free or Premium WordPress Themes, Which Is Better?

Before I proceed, you need to be aware that a blog may not necessarily be designed by WordPress builder, check out the best blogging websites to create a blog.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes or WordPress website templates are just like any other template. It helps to give a particular design or outlook appearance to your website. WordPress themes are what give websites the look they deserve. They are written with the knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and others.


How a theme looks or appears on your website depends on how it has been designed by a website programmer. A website programmer designs a theme according to a purpose. A WordPress theme may be designed in a way to suit the type of website that would come out of it.

For example, a theme may be designed for an educational website, a news website, an entertainment website, a blog or for other purposes. It all depends on how skilled the creator of the website is.

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Some WordPress themes may be designed to serve a lot of purposes, that is, taking care of whatever type of website you want out of it. But sometimes, they may use only for a purpose. In essence, before you choose a theme, try as much as possible to read more details about it so as to be aware of it is going to serve the purpose you want to use it for.

Additional Tips

The most essential plugins that will help you build a professional WordPress Blog have been discussed. If you missed it, you can still get the 10 WordPress plugins you should be using on your Blog. Still on Free WordPress Themes vs Premium WordPress Themes.

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You can also follow this guide to set up WordPress theme features including the logo, the header image, the footer image, the right-sidebar, the favicon, the footer credit, among other features.

This topic will focus on helping you decide on free WordPress themes or Premium WordPress Themes.

Free or Premium WordPress Themes

Free or Premium WordPress Themes, Which Is Better?

Free WordPress Themes

To start with, free WordPress themes are WordPress templates which are free and do not require any payment before you can download and use them.

Some of these free themes are totally free while others are not. Those who are not free in totality have free versions which can be used on trial before you can later decide to go for the premium.

Themes like these usually have some features hidden or inaccessible to use until the premium is purchased.

While learning the differences between Free or Premium WordPress Themes, you can also learn to set up search engine optimization for your WordPress blog and start receiving traffic from Google and Bing.

How to Get Free WordPress Themes

There are good numbers of free WordPress themes on the WordPress backend. If you had logged in to your WordPress backend, all you need to locate the free themes is to click on appearance, then themes.

How to get

While on the page, click on add new. Free WordPress themes will start to load on your screen. You can click whichever theme you like, preview and read more information about the theme.

If you have a theme at the back of your mind, you can also use the search feature to see if the free version of that theme is available on WordPress.

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To choose a free theme of your choice, you can click on the theme under the customize menu and install. After install, you click on activate. By this time, your website would have begun to run on the new free WordPress theme. Just visit the frontend of your website to see the changes.

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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes are WordPress templates you have to pay for before you can use. Unlike free WordPress themes, they are not free.

However, purchasing these themes will give you access to all the features of the themes. No feature at all will be hidden.

These are the essential tips for your blog. Check out the 10 quick tips to make a professional WordPress blog. Still on Free WordPress Themes vs Premium WordPress Themes.

Premium WordPress themes can be bought from themes stores across the internet. The popular among them are ThemeForest and Envato.

Free or Premium WordPress Themes?

Free or Premium WordPress Themes, Which Is Better?

By now, I know you would have been trying to make a decision of choosing a Premium WordPress theme because of the fact that, there is no restriction to its usage.

A free WordPress theme cannot be compared Premium WordPress theme. They have their limitations and most time, they don’t serve the user’s purpose, unlike premium themes.

For your WordPress website, it will be good if you can consider buying Premium WordPress Themes.

But for some reason, if you are running a website with a low-budget and cannot afford to buy a theme from the start, you can consider free WordPress blog themes for a start and port to Premium WordPress Themes when you can afford it.

Free WordPress Themes or Premium WordPress Themes

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With this little explanation, I hope you have been able to decide to choose between Free or Premium WordPress Themes. In case you have any question or you would like to give feedback, please feel free to put it across by using the comment feature.

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