How to Free Up Space on Your Android Smartphone in 2020

Although nowadays, most Smartphone producers are equipping their products with a vast amount of storage except for some low-end devices with low storage. Today, we will be discussing How to Free Up Space on Your Android Smartphone in 2020.

Free Up Space on Your Android Smartphone

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How to Free Up Space on Your Android Smartphone

1. Deleting Large Files

Large files – especially movies, make smartphone storage to get full as quickly as one can't even imagine.

To identify large files taking up your storage, tap on your file manager, and further tap on large files. You can then delete whichever is less important to you.

2. Uninstalling Unused Apps

There are always apps we install and not of benefit to us. Instead of them taking up our storage, why not uninstall them?

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To see your unused Apps, go to settings, and tap on Apps. Check your list of Apps and uninstall by tapping on it and then further tapping on uninstall.

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3. Clearing App Data

Some of our favourite apps consume data than we can imagine. Apps like Facebook, UC Browser, Instagram, and many others, consume up the storage and makes the phone when operated.

To check the space an app (Facebook as an example) consumes, go to Settings > Apps >> Facebook, you will see the details displayed. From the details look for data and you'll be surprised to see the storage usage (usually in MB). To clear App data usage, click on Clear data option from where you check the data consumes details.

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4. Uninstalling Lite Apps

Most of the favourite large disagree consuming apps developers are aware of the problem their apps are causing low-end devices users. Therefore, many of them like Facebook created a Lite App usually consume little MBs and run smoothly without the phone lagging.

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