These Are The Frequently Asked Questions About TSTV Sassy Decoder

TStv Sassy decoder is now available for purchase to Nigerians. In case you are still wondering where to buy yours, check our list of TSTV accredited sellers in Nigeria. If you have missed this, we created a thread discussing the features of TSTV Sassy Decoders. Today, I will be discussing some Frequently Asked Questions About TSTV Sassy Decoder.

questions about tstv sassy decoder

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About TSTV Sassy Decoder

1. Is Sassy Decoder HD?

Yes, you watch channels TSTV Sassy Decoder in high-definition.

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2. Is there any Free Data Subscription on TSTV Sassy Decoder?

Not, TSTV Sassy Decoder has no Free Data Subscription. Free Data Subscription will only be available in TStv Dexterity decoder.

3. What is TStv Dexterity Decoder?

It is another decoder from TSTV with 200+ channels and 20GB free data that was first introduced last year.

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4. When will TSTV Dexterity Decoder be Available?

Facts from reports disclosed that the Dexterity Decoder will be available anytime from next month.

5. Will I be Able to Swap my Sassy Decoder for Dexterity Decoder Later?

Once the TStv dexterity decoder is out, you will be able to swap the Sassy Decoder for it by adding an additional N2500 extra to enjoy the package.

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