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Getting Started with Google AdSense

Do you want to know some things or need to monetize your blog with Google AdSense? You have come to the right place. We shall be discussing everything you need to know about getting started with Google AdSense.

Getting Started with Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?


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Google AdSense is a PPC (pay per click) marketing network owned and managed by Google. It allows publishers to enroll in their advertising program and display certain ads. Publishers earn from clicks generated on the ad from their website.

This article will focus on everything you need to know about getting started with Google AdSense. Everything including how to get enrolled into the program, how to earn with Google AdSense and how to verify your account and also, how to receive your payment with Google AdSense shall be considered.

Getting Started with Google AdSense

Before you Apply

Before you apply into the Google AdSense program, I will advise you to read through the Google AdSense policy to help you get familiar with how it works and as well as, the dos and don’ts of Google AdSense. This particularly will help you make your website and contents to meet the guidelines of Google AdSense before you finally decide to apply and be getting started with Google AdSense.

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Applying into AdSense Program

When you finally decide to apply for Google AdSense, you need to have prepared your contents to meet the Google AdSense requirement. After you have done this, then you can proceed to the Google AdSense website.

As a new user of the website, you are required to sign up using your Gmail address, your website URL and your territory. With this, you will be taken through the Google AdSense terms and service. You are advised to read through and accept the terms. After this, you will be allowed you will be granted access to your Google AdSense account page.

Applying for AdSense

The next thing to be done on the page is entering your contact information, payment address, phone number, and some other personal details. When this is done, an HTML code will be displayed on your screen. You are required to copy this code and paste on the head part of the website you are applying with.

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However, if you are applying with a WordPress Website, where you will paste the HTML code depends on your theme. A better way to paste this code on your WordPress website is to open the editor, locate the header.php file and edit. Copy the HTML code from the Google AdSense page and paste immediately after the header.php file and save.

Note that, if you do not know much about syntax and tags, then you should consider using a plugin that could help you place the tag. Otherwise, you might compromise your WordPress theme.

After placing the tags on your website, check the “I have copied the code on my website” box and submit. Google will automatically look for the code on your website and if found, you will be instructed to wait for some days.

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A better way to get approval for your website has been discussed earlier on this website. You can get along with the discussion on this page.

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However, if your website is checked and found to have met the Google AdSense requirement, your application will be approved and you will be sent an email to get notified. On the hand, if there is a violation of Google AdSense terms on your website, your application may not be approved and you will be notified as well.

Possible violation problems that could arise and what you can do shall be discussed as we proceed.

There are two major policy violation errors that could arise. The policy violations that could arise are valuable inventory no content error and valuable inventory scrapped content error.

Valuable Inventory No Content

This is one of the possible error messages you could receive if your Google AdSense application is declined. If you receive this message, it simply means you do not have enough content on your website.

A better way to avoid this is to get enough contents on your website. Your articles should have up to 800 – 1000 words and ensure you have 25 – 30 articles of such before you apply. A better explanation of how your article should look like can be found here.

Valuable Inventory Scrapped Content

If you have copied some part of your website from another source without adding value or your text focuses on granting excessive advertising to some programs, then it is possible that you get the valuable inventory scrapped content response from Google AdSense.

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Also, when contents are copied from other websites and replaced with synonyms without adding value, it is likely you get the valuable inventory error message.

When applying for Google AdSense program, you should try as much as possible to avoid copying contents from anywhere. Instead, you should ensure to read, digest and put down sentences in your own word.

In addition, try and limit the number of links leading to other websites from your articles. It is even advisable not to use those links for the time being as you are about to apply to Google AdSense. We had explained it better on this page.

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Getting Approved

When you finally get approved into the AdSense program, an email will be sent to your Gmail address to get you notified. As you receive this mail, the next thing is to login into Google AdSense website with the Gmail address and password. When logged in, an overlay message congratulating you on your approval into the program will be displayed on your screen.

A faster way to get ads displayed on your website is by enabling auto ads. You just select the ad types you want to display on your website and save. If the code you had copied when applying is still on your website, you do not need to copy the code that would be presented to you after you had enabled the auto ads. It is still the same code, there is no need to copy twice.

After you had gotten this done, you have to wait for some minutes before you start to see ads from Google AdSense being displayed on your website. At some time, the ads may show immediately and at other times, it may take up to an hour or even more.

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Google AdSense will automatically decide the suitable ad unit to be displayed to your visitors and where on your page to display them.

However, if you prefer to create ad units and get them displayed at certain locations of your website, all that is required is to go to and select ad units.

Getting Started with Google AdSense

From the page, find and click on create new. Immediately this is done, you will see be able to select the type of ad you would like to create.Getting Approved with Google AdSense

Types of ads available are; text and display ads, matched content, in-feed ads, and in-article ads. You can select whichever ad unit you would like to display and as well as the ad format.

Getting Started with Google AdSense

How you Earn

You earn on AdSense from your blog when a user visits your website, view the ad and make an interaction with the ad by clicking on it, you will receive an amount of money which depends on the cost per click to your website at that time.

CPC (cost per click) is an amount associated with a click to your website. If your CPC at a time is $5, a click on your ad at that time will be an equivalent of $5. There are certain things that decide your CPC rate. This includes the type of ad unit clicked, the number of page views and impressions you get to your website.

Other things that could affect your CPC is your niche, the keywords you used in your articles and the countries of visits where the clicks are coming from.

Certain niche makes someone earn better as a blogger even if your blog receives little traffic. Some of these niches are finance, health, law among others not listed. Before you decide to start your blogging career, you need to research on the niches with high CPC rates. The implication of doing this is to boost your earnings writing on profitable niches.

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In a recent discussion, I engaged in discussing the importance of researching for keywords before you write and how to go about keyword research. You can get along with the discussion here.

Getting Verified

Immediately your earnings have reached the verification threshold, you will be required to verify your Google AdSense account.

How to Get An Account Verified

The verification threshold for Google AdSense is $20. When your earnings have reached $20, a letter that contains your verification pin will be sent to the address used during registration. This is why it is important to use a valid address while registering for Google AdSense.

It takes 2 – 4 weeks for the mail to arrive at your address depending on the country you are located and the delivery. After receiving the pin, you are required to enter the pin on the Google AdSense account by visiting the verification page.

Entering of the wrong pin thrice will get your account disabled. However, if you have used the wrong address during registration, you can edit your address from your account information and request for another pin a month after the last pin was sent out.

If you didn’t get your Google AdSense account verified, you won’t be eligible to receive payment when you reach the payment threshold amount until you get your Google AdSense account verified.

Setting up how you get paid

After getting your Google AdSense account verified, the next thing you should get done before you reach the payment threshold is to add a preferred payment option. Visit the payments page to select your preferred payment option and enter your payment information.

Setting up how you get paid

Getting your payment

After reaching the payment threshold, you will receive your payment of the amount you made during the month only if you have entered the correct payment information and have verified your Google AdSense account.

In essence, if you had made it to the threshold before or at the end of the month, you will receive your payment on the next payday. Google AdSense normally pays an outstanding month on every 21st day of the new month i.e. the payment of January will be made on the 21st of February.

The payment threshold by default is 100 US dollars and 60 pounds depending on the currency your earnings are made.

We have come to the end of the article titled, getting started with Google AdSense. We hope that you will get every information you might need about Google AdSense on this page.

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I would advise that you check out the highest paying keywords, niche and countries for Google AdSense here.

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