Google Doc Introduces Grammar Checker like Grammarly

Google Doc Introduces Grammar Checker like Grammarly. Google has added a new feature to help you check your grammar when typing using google doc. This was announced on Google blog updates.

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Grammarly which is very popular these days among writers gains its popularity with this grammar checking feature which works using artificial intelligence. Google Docs uses machine learning technology to recognize and help correct potential grammar errors in real time.

Google Doc Introduces Grammar Checker like Grammarly

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The new features build on the existing spell checking functionality to also highlight possible grammar errors in your text alongside providing corrections to them. This will help you spend less time checking and proofreading your work and make your writing easier to understand.

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How Google Grammar Checker Works

When Docs detects a possible grammar error, it will underline it in blue to indicate to you. You can right-click to see a suggested correction or dismiss the alert. Possible grammar errors will also show up when you run a spelling and grammar check through the tools menu.

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To use the Google Checker feature, all you need to do is to join the early adopter program and get the feature enabled for you by their system administrator.

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