How Jobberman’s Soft Skills Training Relived Me

How Jobberman's Soft Skills Training Relived Me

On this day, 28/10/2020, when I healthily and gallantly uncorked the 21st chapter of my life, I tenaciously made a decision to become more intentional about my life. I’m articulating this vision in order to have a benchmark for my subsequent actions in the next 365 days. Let’s have a quick flashback;

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How Jobberman's Soft Skills Training Relived Me

I’ve been trapped at home with my Parents since March 25, 2020, as a result of the outbreak of the Corona Virus in the country. In truth, the sudden break was not in any way in the cards, as it initially didn’t go down well with me when the School Management ordered that the school be shuttered until further notice. Unknown to me that the break was a blessing in disguise, I was peeved and abraded really hard when it dawned on me that I was going to be idle at home most likely.

Cutting to the bones, being home greased the wheels on the course of acquiring my Personal Computer which I had arduously tried to latch onto in the months back. The first 4 months were super-duper as I got to bring to light the magnificent side of me that I was oblivious to. Power Station fanned out electricity in my favour, having access to data was nothing to sweat over. I was enthusiastically learning new things and serving in virtual communities at the same time. I was speedily working on Self Development in all phases of my life and growing my network.

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Owing to a lack of proper self-awareness, delineating the crux of my “not so sudden” regression struck me as an uphill battle. Bit by bit, a status quo became functionally dwindling, started getting emotionally drained, zeal was wearing off and passion started losing momentum. Learning pace drastically deteriorated, I could go on… At some point, I consulted books and shared my predicament with friends. The advice I got helped the situation a bit and I found myself staggeringly moving on.

After a while, a friend of mine introduced an online course to me during a casual dialogue on growth, a free soft skill training at Jobberman. I enrolled and dived right into the training. I paid attention to every detail, as the video lessons were mind lifting and intriguing. Trust me, the training was a “kill” for me, a whole lot of insights being dished out therein.

The subject “Self Awareness” which as a matter of fact wasn’t new to me was conferred to me as though I knew nothing about it before. “Self Awareness” wasn’t the only lesson I learnt from the training, it is, in fact, a miniature of the full package. I’m employing the subject in this article because of its relevance in reliving me. I became conscious of the fact that all I lacked was self-awareness.

Drawing around the nitty-gritty of my down-moment, I was able to uncover the prime movers which include excessively brooding over situations I had no control of, craving acceptance, and a lot more. My birthday came along while I was still taking the course, and I decided that I was going to take actions right from that day by effectuating all that I have tapped from the soft skill training.

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I itemized things I’d learned, but before that, I needed to unlearn and renew with positive habits and etiquettes. The training also spurred me to write this article, which is the first I’d ever written, as Storytelling is said to be one of the vital skills to procure.

In conclusion, my earnest appreciation goes to Jobberman and Thinkific for initiating this contingence and giving a hand in gearing me back on my feet.

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