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How to Add A Quiz to Instagram Story

Are you interested in adding quick survey forms and take feedbacks from friends? Here, you will be learning how to add a quiz to your Instagram Story.

How to Add A Quiz to Instagram Story

Instagram has a good number of features worth trying. Some of these include adding music to the Instagram story, adding text posts and much more. Also, you must have noticed quiz-like polls form on some people’s story and be wondering how it is done.

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Quizzes on Instagram let you ask for personal opinions on certain issues bothering you from friends. You can use it as a poll form to seek answers from your followers. Answers to quizzes from friends can be checked after some responses have been recorded.

Further, let’s take a look at ways to add a quiz on your Instagram Story.

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How to Add A Quiz to Instagram Story

How to Add A Quiz to Instagram Story

  1. Start your Instagram app tap on Story from the topmost-left. You will be able to add a new story.
  2. Proceed to take a photo or record any video from there then tab on the Sticker button XXXXXXXXXX.
  3. Then, from the stickers list locate and tap Quiz. Now provide questions and answers in the fields provided.
  4. You can decide to display the questions randomly by tapping dice. Initially, only two fields are displayed. Further fields will be visible when those are filled with answers and you can add up to four.
  5. Once you’re done adding the answers, you can add colours by tapping the colour option above the sticker.
  6. Tap Done once you’re through modifying all fields. You can then drag the sticker to suit your display.
  7. Finally, proceed to post this on your status.

After some time, you can check the results of your quiz by tapping on Story and move to the quiz. Then, swipe up and you will be able to view all answers.

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