How to Add Additional RAM to an Android Device

If your Android device is running a bit slower than usual, it is a sign that you need more memory juice. In this post, you will be learning how to add additional RAM to an android device.

How to Add Additional RAM to an Android Device

It doesn’t matter if your phone storage is as small as 16GB or as much as 128GB, what you can do with your phone largely depends on the RAM size. This is why most low-end budget phone users with 1GB, 2GB RAM still at some point, find their phones gradually slowing down. Hence, the need for additional RAM.

Additional RAM will help the device processor to work more quickly and better, and overturn, speed up the device use.  But be sure your phone is slow due to low RAM before going forward.

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Before considering increasing your RAM, try cleaning up. You may need to uninstall rarely used apps or move apps to an SD Card. If after trying those, you still have little RAM available. Then try these;

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How to Add Additional RAM to an Android Device

  1. If you use a rooted Android device, you can increase the RAM size simply by making a swap. RAM Expander will help you swap RAM to your SD.
  2. First, you need to install and run the app. Next is to grant root permissions, and select your language.
  3. Further, you will find a slider that will allow you to set how much SD card space you would like to give to your RAM Partition. Alternatively, you can use the Optimal Value and let the app decide for you.

Once you save the option, a RAM partition is created on the SD card and your device should be running better.

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