How to Add Roblox to Your Discord Status

When you turn on your activity status, Discord will display any game you are playing currently to your status. Here, we have explained how to add Roblox to your Discord status.

How to Add Roblox to Your Discord Status

Adding Roblox to your Discord status is easy. However, you are required to join a Roblox game first. When you have finally joined a game, kindly minimize the screen and go to your Discord settings.

From the Discord settings, you have to turn on activity status to allow Discord to display the game you are currently playing as status. Line in the case of Roblox, once your activity status is on, your status will display Playing Roblox.

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This does not only apply to Roblox. Any game you might be playing will show on the status. However, it is only when the game progress is on that it will show on your status.

How to Add Roblox to Your Discord Status

Another exception is if you are not playing directly from the Roblox website. In this case, the Playing Roblox status will not appear. The Discord activity status does not work on the Roblox mobile app.

The Discord status is visible to everyone including your friends and people that share a server with you. Below, we have explained how to add Roblox to your Discord status in 5 easy steps.

How to Add Roblox to Your Discord Status

  1. Visit, log in to your account and play any game. Remember that you cannot use the Roblox mobile app.
  2. Next, minimize the game screen to open Discord and go to settings. Do not close the window. Simply click on the “-” icon to the top-right of the window.
  3. Go to your Discord settings and by clicking the gear icon next to your profile picture.
  4. Proceed to My Account and choose Activity Settings.
  5. Under Activity Settings, simply go to Activity Status.
  6. Next, enable the “Display current activity as a status message” option by toggling the switch. Once enabled, Discord will start filling your status with the games you're playing.
  7. Now, you can end the process by checking your status. Simply create a new Discord server with only you inside or select a server with a few members. Locate the right sidebar of a server, to see a member list.
  8. From the member list, you need to locate your profile. Check to see that the “Playing ROBLOX” status is shown under your Discord profile and can click on it to expand it further and see the duration of play.
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The Discord Activity Status feature helps to display a game being played as status. It can read the screen for automatic detection of any game being played.

However, Discord might fail in detecting properly sometimes. When such cases arise, you have to add the game manually from the Activity Status. Select the dropdown box and choose Roblox and the game is sent to Added Games list.

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Henceforth, when you play a game on Roblox, Discord will put it up on your status for you.

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How to Add Roblox to Your Discord Status

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