How to Allow Pop-ups on Mac

Allowing pop-ups on a Safari browser can help a lot. Here, we have discussed how to allow pop-ups on a Mac PC using a Safari browser.

How to Allow Pop-ups on Mac

By default, the Safari browser on Mac blocks pop-ups to usually save Mac users from distractions from unnecessary advertisements and protect them from potential scams and phishing attempts. These include pop-ups from banks, education platforms, and eCommerce websites just to stay in touch with potential customers.

However, these pop-ups can be helpful sometimes, to our personal advantage. This is why I have considered discussing the topic of how to allow pop-ups on a Mac.

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You can choose from a good number of preferences on your Safari browser if you want to allow all pop-ups on your Mac computer. Specifically, you can allow pop-ups for the entire browser or allow pop-ups on selected few websites.

How to Allow Pop-ups on Mac

Below is how to allow pop-ups on Mac using the Safari browser.

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How to Allow Pop-Ups on Mac

For the Entire Safari browser

  1. First, launch Safari and click Safari in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Next, find and click Preferences in the drop-down menu. Then, click on Websites with a globe-like icon.
  3. Now, click Pop-up Windows on the left menu.
  4. See the Websites option and find Pop-up Windows.
  5. Look out for the option that says When visiting other websites and click on a dropdown menu with two blue arrows.
  6. Choose Allow and it will automatically save this setting. You can also choose the Block and Notify option to choose to allow or block a pop-up when it appears.

For Specific Websites in Safari

When changing the default settings for specific websites in Safari, first ensure that the website is open when accessing Preferences.

  1. Click Safari >> Preferences in the menu bar up at the top of the page.
  2. Go to Websites and find Pop-up Windows located on the left side of the window. You will be able to see the URL of the website you have opened in Safari. Also, a drop-down menu with two blue arrows is shown.
  3. Choose Allow to allow pop-ups on this particular website.
  4. Now, check under Currently Open Websites and see the ones for which you would like to allow pop-ups.
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How to Allow Pop-ups on Mac

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