How to Automate Tasks on iPhone Using Shortcuts

The Shortcuts app can be used to create a sequence of automated tasks. Here, you will be learning how to automate tasks on iPhone using Shortcuts.

How to Automate Tasks on iPhone Using Shortcuts

Apple Shortcuts app can be used to make things easier for iPhone users. The Shortcuts app is an upgraded version of Siri Shortcuts and was introduced in 2018 with the release of iOS 12. It comes pre-installed on all iPhone models running at least iOS 13 can create shortcuts and make your iPhone perform specific automatic actions sequentially.

This feature can be used to assign Siri to a task or be used to assign a feature you want to enable on your device at a time. You can also create automated workflows such as a schedule for your daily routine. It can also be used to generate expense reports after you have completed a purchase among other functions.

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Apple has provided a selection of preset shortcuts for iOS users to select from. However, if you need a different shortcut, you can also create your own to match your need.

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If your iPhone is running iOS 13 at least, then you can make use of predefined shortcuts available in the Apple Shortcuts app.

How to Automate Tasks on iPhone Using Shortcuts

To create shortcuts on your iPhone, kindly follow the procedure highlighted below.

How to Create Shortcuts on iPhone

  1. Start the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap Plus (+) from the screen’s topmost-right corner.
  2. Next, tap Add Action and choose an action you want. Your device will show the list of available apps and actions that your shortcut can perform, and as well as suggest actions to you based on how you use your iPhone.
  3. Select the action and you will see the selected action on the New Shortcut screen. Here, you can edit the action by tapping the available actions. You can also add another action by following the same procedure.
  4. The previous action will appear on the screen by default but you can view all the available actions when you tap the close button.
  5. Next, tap the Play button to test your workflow.
  6. Further, tap Next and give a name to your custom shortcut.
  7. Finally, to save the shortcut, tap Done.

After saving, you can find the shortcut on the My Shortcuts section of the Shortcuts app. You can also perform specific actions on the shortcut like adding a duplicate or delete it simply by using the press-and-hold gesture on the shortcut.

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The shortcuts list can be reordered based on your preference. It can also be sent to the widget on the home screen for easy access.

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