How to Block Wordle Scores from your Twitter Feed

Do you know you can prevent Wordle from taking over social media? We have explained how to block Wordle scores from your Twitter feed.

How to Block Wordle Scores from your Twitter Feed

Wordle is the latest trending secret word game that can only be played via a dedicated website. It is played daily and has since taken social media recently.

About the Wordle Game

If you have recently noticed the little green, yellow, and grey-coloured square emojis that flooded social media feeds, leading to a viral trend, you must have heard of Wordle. Wordle was developed by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer.

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The game looks similar to crossword games and a sudoku puzzle. However, playing involves guessing words correctly.

A player is required to guess daily secret words in six trials. Some colour-coded hints aid this.


Wordle can only be played on the website. It doesn't require downloading any app, and you are not required to sign in with any credentials to play. This part makes it more fun and popular.

Recently, many Twitter users have been tweeting about Wordle scores with their screenshots. If you are one of them, you found this tweet boring and would like to get rid of such, kindly proceed below.

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You can easily customise and clean up your Twitter feed to get rid of annoying Wordle score tweets or mute words and hashtags relating to the game to stop seeing them on your feed.

When you mute a word on Twitter, tweets related to such words will be removed from your notifications tab, push notifications, SMS, email notifications, timeline, and replies to tweets.

How to Block Wordle Scores from your Twitter Feed

Block Wordle Scores on Twitter for Desktop

  1. Go to your Twitter profile. Find the side navigation menu and choose More.
  2. Next, go to Privacy and Safety >> Mute and block >> Muted words.
  3. Now, click on the ‘+' icon and add words by entering the words or hashtags related to Wordle and Wordle Score.
  4. Choose the duration and save your settings. The Save button can be seen from the bottom.


Block Wordle Scores on Twitter Mobile App

  1. Launch the Twitter mobile app on your device and tap on your profile icon.
  2. Next, go to Settings >> Privacy and Safety >> Mute and Block >> Muted words.
  3. Tap the Add button and enter the words or hashtags related to Wordle and Wordle scores separately.
  4. Tap the Save button to save your settings.
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Finally, you have successfully blocked Wordle and Wordle score tweets from your feed. However, you can also stop Wordle score posts from the home timeline and notifications.

Muting a word or hashtag functionality has a default duration option of forever. However, it comes with 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days options from which you can also choose. This will help you block away tweets containing words or phrases you are not interested in.

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How to Block Wordle Scores from your Twitter Feed

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