How to Check an iPhone and iPad Battery Health

Are you an iPhone user and would like to know how to maximize your device performance by checking the maximum capacity of the battery? Here, you will be learning how to check your iPhone and iPad battery health.

How to Check an iPhone Battery Health

iPhone battery health needs to be checked regularly to know when the battery needs a replacement. Poor battery health for an iOS device means that a user can only get a few or limited hours to use their device between charges.

The native tool used to check the battery health of iPhone devices was introduced by Apple in 2018 with the release of iOS 11.3. All iPhone models from iPhone 6 and iPad have and can use the battery health tool.

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The tool usually gives information on the maximum battery capacity available for a device and its peak performance capability. The maximum battery capacity of an iPhone is an estimate of the battery capacity compared to when it was new.

Peak performance capability, on the other hand, gives information on whether an iPhone battery is currently supporting normal peak performance. In order words, it checks whether the performance management features are in place to restrict peak power.

How to Check an iPhone Battery Health

To check your iPhone battery health, please follow the guideline below.

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How to Check iPhone and iPad Battery Health

  1. Get your iPhone or iPad device and open Settings.
  2. Scroll downwards and tap on the Battery option. As an alternative route, you can swipe up in the settings menu and search for battery settings from the search bar.
  3. Next, tap Battery Health to see the maximum capacity and peak performance capability of your iPhone battery. Besides, you will be able to see more important battery notifications if the iPhone battery health has significantly degraded. Also, if you just used a new replacement battery with your device, you can be able to detect whether or not it has been verified by the system.
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