How to Check NIN Number on Your Phone Using USSD

Are you a Nigerian and would like to know your National Identity Number? Here, you will be learning how to check the NIN number on your phone using USSD.

How to Check NIN Number on Your Phone Using USSD

The National Identity Number (NIN) is a unique number given to every Nigerian citizen after they have registered. The registration process entails capturing data related to each person including all demographics and biometrics.

Every Nigerian citizen is required to get enrolled for the NIN so they can have their own identity. Also, data supplied during registration are verified to avoid getting the same person enrolled twice.

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If you have not enrolled for NIN yet, it is a good idea that you get it done from any National Identity Management Centre (NIMC centre) near you.

Requirements to Register for NIN

How to Check NIN Number on Your Phone Using USSD

  1. A copy of BVN printout.
  2. Your full bio-data.

Before you proceed to enrol for NIN, ensure you have a good knowledge of all your bio-data. Necessary data to be captured include your names, parents’ name, address and every essential. Also, your fingerprints and face will be captured in the process.

Besides, you should visit your back to get a printed copy of your BVN details submitted from the bank where you registered. You can also learn to correct and update BVN details, add BVN numbers to your bank account or Check BVN Numbers from your phone.

On the other hand, if you have enrolled for NIN and would like to check the number, you can proceed with the steps to be discussed below.

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How to Check NIN on Your Phone Using USSD

Further, if you have registered and would like to check your NIN, follow the steps below.

Steps to Check NIN Number on Your Phone Using USSD

How to Check NIN Number on Your Phone Using USSD

  1. Grab your mobile phone with the number submitted during capturing and launch your dialler app.
  2. Then, dial *346#.
  3. Finally, reply with 1 for NIN Retrieval and your NIN will be retrieved in due time.
  4. However, in case you do not have the phone number submitted during capturing, you can reply with 2 for NIN search and type some of your registration details in the field in an attempt to retrieve the NIN number.
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You have just learnt how to check NIN on your phone using USSD. I hope you find this post helpful. However, a service charge of ₦20 will be deducted on every attempt made.

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